Calculation of caloric needs according to your objectives

Calculation of caloric needs

Calculation of caloric needs according to your objectives

Every day, we need energy to perform various activities: walking, running, breathing, thinking, digesting, etc. We define this energy by the term “calories”.

Knowing your daily caloric needs is essential if you want to gain muscle or lose weight. Depending on your characteristics (sex, height, age, weight and level of physical activity) you will be able to establish the appropriate diet for your goals.

For starters here is the best video I found on the Internet that explains the process very well, with a simple and accurate calculation:

Understand your calorie consumption

Basic metabolism:

It tells you how many calories are used when your body is at rest. Yes, even when you sleep or hang out on the couch, your body spends energy.

Energetic cost :

It represents the extra energy you use during physical activities. For example when you play sports or take your bike to work.

Calculate the total:

By adding these two values, you will get a total corresponding to your daily calorie requirement. To make it simpler, several sites offer algorithms to calculate your needs by taking into account your metabolism + expenses.

How to calculate your caloric need

Two solutions are available to you to calculate your daily caloric need:

 Perform a theoretical calculation based on a mathematical formula and a physical activity coefficient.

 Use the empirical method by testing different calorie intake for two weeks to find your maintenance.

Both solutions are compatible: for a time saving you can calculate your energy needs simply thanks to the table proposed on the superphysical site that you find here . According to your result I advise you to test a corresponding regime over a period of 2 weeks. Be sure to increase or decrease the number of calories to keep your weight stable over 7 days . If you do, you’ll be able to accurately find the number of calories per day needed to stabilize your weight.

A caloric intake balanced and quality!

Even if knowing the number of calories to eat each day is essential to achieve its goal, ensure that this caloric intake is quality and balanced.

● Quality : for the same energy intake, a poor diet based on industrial dishes will in no way have the same value as a natural diet, rich in nutrients.

● Balance : For the same number of calories, a high-glycemic diet will not have the same value as a high-protein diet. It is therefore important to pay attention to the distribution of macronutrients.

For a sports person who wants to take muscle, the correct ratio is about 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 20% lipids.

If you want to lose weight, you will have to lower your intake of carbohydrates, respecting the ratio 3 (proteins) / 2 (lipids).

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