A good idea: postural stretching

postural stretching

A good idea: postural stretching

Practicing a regular sport activity has always been a source of well-being and comfort. We spend almost half of our energy on different daily activities. This is difficult to recover, not to mention the physical problems that are added such as back pain , muscle contraction, joint pain , etc. With gymnastics, I have always managed to find the right balance between energy expenditure and the quality of relaxation to compensate for that. But today, thanks to postural stretching, I have more than I hoped for, so I decided to share my little experience with you.

Why postural stretching?

You’ve probably heard about classic stretching, which helps to soften the body by stretching . It is true that this practice is beneficial, but it has failings to the extent that the satisfaction it brings to the body is not complete.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of postural stretching to understand its importance:

 Corrects the alignment of the body 
✓  Promotes tonic regulation 
✓  Acts on the deep musculature of the body 
✓  Soothes and treats back problems (neck pain, back pain, low back pain, etc.) 
✓  Accompanies rehabilitation after accidents or incidents on the shoulders, knees, tendinitis …

Easy to understand that this sport does not just soften your body as is the case of classic stretching. Here, we speak of a technique that involves all the muscles for a body work in its entirety ; an activity that touches both the body and the mind . To summarize, I would say that postural stretching is both a sport, a relaxant, a refresher, and an extraordinary tonic.

How to do postural stretching?

So, postural stretching for those who do not know it yet, is a stretching back and joints session. It is done in several exercises although I have peculiarities on some of them, because I find them more efficient and more satisfactory. The good thing about this sport is that it can be done at home without any worries. I do it very often 30 minutes after coming home from work, and I can assure you that the comfort is immediate. It has even become a constant ritual for me.

For my osteoarthritis problems, I work a lot with neck stretches (back and side), neck (as it is commonly called), back of the shoulders, upper and lower back , chest or torso it depends, the spine, and back thighs and buttocks, and triceps. You are certainly wondering why so many exercises? Well, for relaxation of the whole body and for a complete rest of the joints that compose it.

You do not need material for postural stretching, but I recommend a gym mat for floor exercises. Efforts come from you and every move is pure resistance. I advise you to face your mirror. This will allow you to better observe yourself and check if the posture is good or correct. To have results when working at home, the only secret is to strictly respect the movements (the posture, and the time of resistance).

The small mistakes we all make

Did you know why it’s best to do postural stretching indoors? This is because professionals in these places predispose your body to stretching, which many of you do not do before starting a sport activity at home. If you have opted for work at home, I advise you: 
● Never start a sports activity without warming up. It’s very dangerous. You can take a long walk, or jump rope, or better run a little before you put on stretching. 
● Never end your session with sudden movements. Gentle movements are obligatory because they promote total relaxation of the muscles. I even recommend pairing it with breathing exercises for more effects.
● Do not go overboard. When one movement weighs you down or causes pain, leave it and do another. This does not mean that you have skewed your session. The postural stretching exercises are also the awareness of its limits, and the ability to progress in stretching as and when.

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