5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It allows in particular to recharge the energy after a night of fasting. 20% of the daily nutritional contributions must be brought during this essential meal, but it is still necessary that it is balanced.

When we talk about balanced breakfast, the possibilities are endless. From sweet to salty, there is something for everyone! We prove it to you with these healthy and varied recipes which will allow you to start the day well.

1- Protein Pancakes

To start your day with protein, it’s easy and quick to prepare pancakes! Here is the recipe I personally prefer, enough to make 5 pancakes:

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

● 100g oat flakes
● 1 whole egg 
● 4 egg whites 
● 10g almonds 
● optional: 1 scoop of Whey

Nutritional Information
400 Calories
65g Protein
27g Carbohydrate

2- Breakfast with quinoa

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

Quinoa cooked in cow’s, soy or almond milk to which you add some fruit is certainly the best substitute for traditional breakfast cereals. Quinoa is particularly rich in proteins and amino acids, so it’s ideal for athletes.

Just cook your quinoa according to the instructions on the package but replace the water with milk. I recommend adding a little cinnamon to give a better taste. Then add some fresh or dry fruits, and at the table to fill up with energy!

3- Muesli + fruits

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

Nothing is easier and faster than muesli, and yet it is very effective! It is usually prepared with milk but can also be made with cottage cheese in a bowl. Add the muesli (Bio of preference) and add fruit (banana, kiwi, strawberries, apples …) and dried fruits (nuts, fines, raisins …). It is the ideal alternative to industrial cereals!

4- Smoothie

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

Smoothies are particularly practical: quick to make, rich in vitamins, vegetable proteins and nutrients. They are therefore an all-in-one ideal that will allow you to refuel. 
To prepare a smoothie worthy of the name, you will have to invest in a good blender, that’s all!

● 1 serving of frozen fruit
● 1 serving of fresh fruit
● 1 yogurt
● Milk (vegetable if possible: almond, oat or soy)
● Honey or maple syrup, agave .. .

5- Oatmeal pancakes

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

But pancakes, it makes you fat !! It’s true, but not pancakes without milk, without eggs and without white flour! Here is a recipe for oatmeal pancakes. You should know that oats tend to make the pancake dough even softer. 

Disadvantage: Allow a rest period of 2 hours after preparing your dough. It is better to prepare them the night before to eat them in the morning. Yes, you must know how to organize a little, but save time in the morning and eat well !!

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