The Lafay method: it works?

Lafay method

The Lafay method: it works?

Who practices bodybuilding and has never heard of the how famous Lafay method? You’ve probably heard about it on TV, on social media, or you may have already watched videos before / after the Lafay Method.

It is a world-renowned method of bodybuilding has the particularity of not requiring equipment, it is based solely on the weight of the body. It does not oblige anyone to spend money buying benches, dumbbells or whatever, making it an economic program. That said I think it is still recommended to have a drawbar or to be able to design one to be able to follow the program at best, I return to it later in the notice section .

The program

The Lafay method addresses: muscle building, development of muscle endurance / strength, muscle mass gain, as well as muscle definition.

This method is broken down into 13 levels of difficulty according to your level, and you progress in level once the objectives imposed in each of them reached. This progression by palliated allows you to realize your progress and believe me it is very motivating!

Moreover in each level the rest periods are also imposed which forces you to adopt at a certain pace, which is positive to keep a good pace and keep the motivation of session in session. The rest periods are extremely short, this dice the level 2, that is what makes the method difficult and breathless the less enduring of the first exercises.

My opinion on the Lafay method

With a suitable diet the Lafay method is able to get you very good results quickly, moreover it is perfect for mass gain.

Nevertheless, I think that the purchase of some materials is recommended. The 100% “without hardware” is the marketing element that allowed the author to be known, but many movements would be much simpler, effective and above all reassuring with material studied for.

As I said above, a pull bar for example is welcome, why not a TRX also that will make you stay at the weight of the body but facilitates movement.

If you are novice I advise you to take a look at the part of the site that concerns the bodybuilding equipment .


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