Stagnation in weight loss: revive your metabolism

weight loss

Stagnation in weight loss: revive your metabolism

Today we will talk about the metabolism, and more precisely how to revive its metabolism if you find that you do not lose weight anymore … It is a technique that allows to preserve a healthy metabolism throughout the year, for can burn fat more easily when you want to burn it, and to have the potato day after day …

Metabolism: definition

Metabolism defines all the transformations that occur inside the body (in the cells of the body). It consists of two opposing mechanisms:
● Anabolism is a process that allows the human body to regenerate its tissues. This reaction uses the elements brought by the food and consumes energy.
● Catabolism is the opposite process, it allows the human body to degrade complex molecules to produce energy.

In bodybuilding, we talk about metabolism to describe the ability of our body to burn fat. It is said that the higher the metabolism, the more calories you spend. In terms of weight loss, we will seek to increase its metabolism , either by reducing calorie intake in our diet, or by increasing our physical activity (ideally both).

Inside the metabolism there are 2 phenomena to differentiate:

➔ Basic metabolism , also called basal metabolism . It is the amount of energy your body needs to function at rest. If you sit all day long, your metabolism will need a certain amount of energy that would survive, and keep your body functioning properly (organs, muscles, brain, etc.). It is different according to each person depending on your height, your weight, your age and the amount of fat (fat ratio).

➔ Energy expenditure (generated by your physical activities). Indeed you also need calories for your daily physical activities, especially for sports activities.

By adding up these two values, you will get a total corresponding to your daily calorie requirement, also called  caloric maintenance requirement . It is something that can be calculated.

Functioning of the metabolism

If today you eat up to your daily calorie needs, nothing happens: you do not gain weight, but do not lose weight either (your metabolism spends all the calories you bring him).

How to gain weight
If you start to eat more than your maintenance needs, your body will raise its metabolism a little (to a certain point, if you really eat too much the body will store fat of course).

How to lose weight
Conversely, if you reduce your calorie intake, for example to trigger fat loss and burn fat (on the stomach, thighs …) your metabolism will adapt to the decline. You will burn a little less calories in a natural way.

Basically your basal metabolism adapts to the calorie intake you have over days and weeks. The less you give it to eat, and the more the metabolism will slow down so as not to burn too many calories (the human body is well done).

weight loss

The phenomenon of stagnation in diets

Over the months, weeks, if you go on extended diets, your metabolism will gradually drop over time. The thing is, it’s never going to stop at zero, but it’s going to slow down. There, when your metabolism has slowed down, your results will either be blocked or very slow. You will feel stagnant r in diet and do not come to lose.

This is something that can be reversed, “hacker”. There are two possibilities when you are stuck in your diet:

1 / Reduce a little more your calorie intake (-150 calories / day), that’s what I do during the first stagnation in weight loss. But I do not do this continuously because my metabolism will continue to adapt, and there is a minimal ceiling … The metabolism will not go lower. After a while with this technique, we will end up with very little food on his plate and it is not good, you will have more energy!

My solution

2 / At this moment of stagnation in weight loss, if you have already lowered the number of daily calories, do not be stubborn trying to eat even less or burn more through physical activity and cardio. We must do things intelligently: the solution to maintain a high metabolism and revive it is simply to increase its caloric intake and to do what is called a caloric refill, also called caloric rebound .

The heat rebounds

Making caloric refills does not mean doing anything by eating fast food. You just need to increase your caloric intake / day to the height of your maintenance needs (basal metabolism). Doing this is beneficial for many things:
 It increases the speed of your metabolism, your body goes out of restriction mode and relaunches certain hormones (leptin production, etc.).
 It will have a beneficial effect on your psychological: you will be able to eat more. It’s going to break the diet, you’ll feel good, get some energy, and so on.

A lot, you will have the opportunity to continue and go back to fetch the pounds that you have left with a fresh metabolism and brand new thereafter.

When and how to do a caloric refill

This is something you should not do every week … otherwise it does not work. I recommend doing refills about every 5 weeks: you make 5 weeks of diet to eat fewer calories than your needs (you lose fat) and as soon as you see that you stagnate in weight loss, you make a refill.

The recharge, you can do it over a period that goes from 4 to 7 days. That’s about the time it takes for your metabolism to revive … It does not restart in 24 hours, it must be given time to do so.

With a tip like this, you will greatly facilitate your fat loss and take a lot more pleasure in transforming your physique.

 Speed ​​up the weight loss process

Have you ever heard fat burning foods? A number of foods from our daily diet have fat-burning virtues … You will find an article on the blog containing a list of 10 fat-burning foods .

Know that there are also supplements in the form of concentrated capsules that promote weight loss. If you want to know more, I invite you to visit Al Cukovic’s website and his article on the best fat burners .

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