Rest time in bodybuilding

Rest time in bodybuilding

Bodybuilders know it: it’s a sport that requires a lot of willpower and self-control, whether physically or mentally. The goal is obviously to increase the muscle mass of the body but also to develop its strength.

But during a bodybuilding session, it is not only the number of series that we could do that is important. Added to this is the way of training and the quality of this training. Among the parameters that define the quality of a training, one of those that should not be neglected is the rest time.

For starters here is the best video I found on the Internet that explains very well the principle of rest times and how to take them according to your exercise:

How is rest time important?

The importance of the rest time is manifested primarily by the fact that it allows the athlete to recover . Indeed, during a major muscular effort, especially those made in bodybuilding, the muscles undergo a real stress. They release lactic acid, which acts as a poison to the muscles. It is then essential to release this acid. The most obvious way is then to take a few seconds or even a few minutes of rest between the series.

But it’s not just about muscles in workouts. Indeed, the lungs are also the victims of an important training. They are the ones who are responsible for getting oxygen into the human body, particularly into the muscles. So during a major muscular effort, they will be much more solicited. The rest time during the training will be an opportunity to allow the practitioners to catch their breath and thus save their lungs.

Parameters that define the duration of the rest period

For beginners in the field of bodybuilding, it is difficult to establish a suitable rest time. Often, beginners try to follow the training mode of those who have more experience and adopt the same rest periods. They find themselves discouraged. Indeed, one of the main parameters that defines the rest time to adopt is the strength and endurance of each . It is obvious then that a beginner will rarely have the same strength as someone more experienced.

Another criterion comes into play in defining the adopted rest period. This is the intensity of the series performed . Indeed, when it comes to short series, the weights are much heavier, resulting in much greater muscle effort. The rest time for this type of exercise must be longer to allow the muscles to recover. In contrast, longer runs requiring less effort should be followed by a shorter rest period.

The recovery time between each series is also a parameter as to the choice of the rest time to adopt. But again, this parameter depends on each individual. Some will have a faster recovery capacity than others and the rest time will then vary from one individual to another.

How to choose the adapted rest period?

There is no precise recipe for the rest time that must be adopted. It all depends on the parameters that define the rest time that have been mentioned previously. However, as a guide, three types of rest periods can be characterized that can be adopted:

● The short rest period that lasts about 30 seconds. It is recommended to allow a better muscular development. However, it can prove to be a little too exhausting.

●  Moderate rest time is the most recommended. For a period of 60 to 90 seconds, it increases muscle mass and physical strength.

● Regarding the long rest period , it can last from 2 to 5 minutes. It is recommended only for very important muscular efforts, because a too long rest period will induce a weak muscular development.

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