My opinion on the Tabata method

tabata method - ripple

My opinion on the Tabata method

We regularly hear about the “Tabata method”. Behind this name hides a method of fitness in the form of a circuit where one trains intensely over short periods.

It can be read on some sites that this method derived from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) would have in just 4min benefits on your body equivalent to 1 hour of cardio classic … Obviously, that’s the envy!

But what is it really? Here is my opinion on the Tabata method …

The principle of the Tabata method

Invented by Professor Izumi Tabata, the principle of this type of training is very simple: 20sec of intense exercises, for 10sec. rest, repeated 8 times . Ç did so well 4 minutes total!

The Tabata method generally takes place at body weight, the difficulty being in the intensity: you must perform the exercises at maximum intensity! That is, you give everything you can during these 20sec sequences.

Ç may seem little, but I guarantee you that the 10sec. of rest pass very quickly and we run out of steam quickly.

This type of training aims to recess 1 st to save time, but it is given a number of other benefits: 
→ Tone silhouette 
→ Burn Fat 
→ Boost metabolism 
→ Working his cardiovascular system 
→ Improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity

Accuracy: 4min of exercises for the Tabata method, that does not mean that your session will last 4min in total. As with any physical exercise, it is essential to warm up before. This is even more important in a HIIT training because the more you work intensively, the more you will recruit your muscles.

My opinion: is the tabata method effective?

Professor Tabata has shown that his method is more effective than 1 hour of moderate exercise or another HIIT exercise with longer recovery periods.

I doubt it, it is not a revolutionary method! The method is not bad and I work myself regularly this way, but for me it’s just the promise that is a bit misleading.

What results to expect? In just 4min, you will not lose a lot of fat, but not take a lot of muscle! Obviously it’s always better than doing nothing, but the risk is that some people really think they have done the equivalent of 1h of sports in just 4min.

A simple example to show you the effects of 4min of exercises:
Burpees are reputed to be one of the movements that burns the most calories. You can search yourself on the Internet, they burn on average 10 kcal / minute (on average, it depends on your weight …).

It means that even if you were doing burpees for 4min without the breaks, you will only lose 40 kcal.

To get an idea, 10 chips is about 100 kcal 🙂 You can imagine that the result before after will not be obvious …

tabata method - pumps

My advice

Everything is not to throw in this method. Here are some tips to optimize your workouts to lose weight with the Tabata method:

Work on several cycles

This is the most obvious. Even if the Tabata method at the base provides for sessions of 4min, nothing prevents you from doing 2x4min, then 3×4 min, etc. It’s mathematical, the longer your high-intensity session lasts, the more calories you’ll burn.

Vary your exercises

For this type of training to be effective, if you really miss time for conventional training, think well to perform various exercises. There are many possible exercises to work at high intensity: the pumps, the burpees, the squat, the abs, etc.

The use of weights

If you feel very comfortable with the weight of the body, you can add weight (for example with a weighted vest) or use equipment: dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, elastic bands … That way you vary the movements!

The ratio of working time to rest

Even though the protocol of Tabata method provides 20sec. of exercises for 10 sec. rest, you can change this ratio to find the method in which you are most comfortable. If after 4min you see it’s easy, then increase the exercise time. It can be 30sec / 30sec, or 40sec. / 20sec., Etc.

Other general advice

● Do not do this type of session on an empty stomach (an intensive session involves risks of discomfort, dizziness or vertigo). 
● Do not forget to drink! Moisturize before, during and after each session. 
● Warm up well, and do some stretching at the end of the session.


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