Losing fat in a localized way: how?

Losing fat

Losing fat in a localized way: how?

Many people store fat in places in the body rather than others. For men, it will often be the lower belly while women will tend to store fat in the lower part of the body and especially in the thighs (this is not a general!)

Lose fat just belly or just thighs is something that many would like but few get there … So the question that comes up all the time: can we really lose fat in a localized way? There are those who say yes, and those who say no!

What is it really: Is it possible to lose weight just where one needs? Here is my opinion on the question.

Recall the basics of weight loss

Losing fat

If I’m schematizing, to lose fat there are two ways: you have to either consume fewer calories than the body spends (by eating less), or to spend more calories through sport, with a HIIT program that will optimize weightloss.

In both cases the goal is for the body to seek the required energy differential in its own tissues (= fat mass or muscle mass). Ideally we would like it to be used in adipose tissue (fat mass), but unfortunately this is not usually the case.

How to limit muscle loss during a diet?

To limit the loss of muscle, it is essential to have regular physical activity and mainly bodybuilding. If you already practice bodybuilding and want to start a dry period it is therefore essential that your bodybuilding sessions are of the same intensity as normal period or weight gain.

And yes, what we are looking for above all is that the body goes in the fat while maintaining its shape through the maintenance of muscle mass. The goal is not to lose the shapely buttocks that you took a year to develop thanks to the squat …

Reminder: When you do bodybuilding, we will create wholesale lesions on the muscle fibers and it is during the reconstruction and recovery that the muscle will recover and grow. The more muscular a body is (the more muscle it contains), the more energy it burns at rest.

When the body is going to draw on its reserves because it deprives it of food without doing sports (the diet that most women do), the body will seek its energy in the fat but also much in the muscle. So yes, on the scale you lose weight, you will lose volume too, but you will lose all your shape and shape.

PS: watch out for the balance, you do not lose weight because the fat weighs less weight than the muscle … But the silhouette is more toned, drier, muscular and firm. 

On the other hand, when the body needs to draw additional energy only because it has increased its metabolism through physical activity (and without restricting its energy intake too much), then it will much less affect the muscles.

You will be able to better maintain your muscle mass and only type in fat.

Losing fat

So can we lose “localized”?

Yes and no . Ç has can not be fully “on board”, I refer specifically to the breast in women … With sports you so dry and type in fat, but the breast is composed mainly of fat it n not really muscles. It is therefore not possible to make sure to lose fat without touching the chest.

Except the chest, as I told you with bodybuilding the body will get its energy in your fat reserves, so where you have the most: it will be your love handles, your belly fat, fat Thighs … Enters all unwanted areas.

⇨ So YES, in a rather devious way, we manage to lose in a rather localized way.

For example if you tend to store fat especially in the thighs, with a complete bodybuilding (= upper and lower body) you will maintain your muscle mass and your body will burn fat where there is, either in the thighs in our example 🙂

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