Lose her breeches: my advice

Lose her breeches

Lose her breeches: my advice

The saddlebags are a typical feminine phenomenon, and there is a good chance that you will be concerned if you have landed on this page ūüôā

This fat that accumulates on the hips, buttocks and thighs is reputed to be difficult to dislodge, but rest assured there are still some good tips to follow to melt.

Here are the main recommendations I give my clients against the saddlebags. 

What are the saddlebags?

The expression “panties de cheval” has returned to everyday language and everyone knows more or less what it is referring to.¬†Horse pants are called the pile of fat that is located on the pelvis and hips.¬†It appears when the body stores too many fat cells, because of a poor diet and / or a caloric expenditure too low.

According to your body, you will be more or less likely to be prone to this phenomenon …¬†√ᬆwas part of the injustices of nature!¬†To comfort you if this is your case, know that you will also tend to store in the buttocks and it will be easier for you to have beautiful shapes.¬†Skinny girls often envy you because they have a hard time having shapes.

FYI, the origin of the term dates back to the early 19th¬†century and the arrival loose clothing for horseback riding.¬†At the time we called the pants “panties” hence the term “breeches” in reference to the pants that were worn to ride the horse.¬†The particular shape (voluminous) of these pants then remained to talk about the unsightly pile of fat at the hips.

How to lose the breeches

Excess food and sedentary lifestyle are among the main causes of saddlebags (in addition to a morphological predisposition as mentioned above).¬†I know that many are looking for an easy way to lose weight and are turning to creams, cupping or even cosmetic surgery, but the best solution will always be the famous¬†food + sport¬†combo¬†.¬†In addition, it is the one that most respects your wallet ūüėČ

Lose her breeches


The first advice to lose your pants is to review what you put on your plate. We must adopt a healthy and balanced diet, it means stop eating too fat, too sweet, too salty and too rich! I also recommend you take the opportunity to stop the processed industrial products as much as possible and try as much as possible to put yourself in the kitchen and prepare you good dishes. Ç is still the best way to be sure of what you eat!

I advise against overly strict regimes and other successive regimes that favor the “yo-yo” effect.¬†For me, the goal is not to get frustrated, but to return to a healthier diet: eat everything without starving yourself.¬†It is necessary to avoid at all costs the big cravings which make that you will throw on the food as soon as you will have the opportunity to crack.

The sport

You will not lose your saddlebags while sitting on it! Your best ally in this fight is, in my opinion, bodybuilding. There are other sports activities that can help such as jogging, walking, biking, aerobics or swimming, but none will reshape your physique as can bodybuilding.

Unfortunately it is difficult to melt fat in a localized way . On the other hand, bodybuilding coupled with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle is really a miracle.

The exercises to work the buttocks will make you create muscle and change the overall shape of your posterior. In addition, be aware that in bodybuilding you burn a maximum of calories even after training!

You can of course also do cardio exercises (elliptical, running …) that promote weight loss, but not too much not to lose all the muscles.

With bodybuilding + a little cardio, you will reshape your figure, reduce the breeches and avoid the flaccid side.

Exercises for the saddlebags

Here are the 3 weight training exercises that I recommend to eliminate the saddlebags:


The squat is the king exercise to work the lower part of the body. If it were necessary to recommend an exercise to forge well-shaped buttocks, it would be this one! Once the movement is under control, I advise you to add weight. For this you can use a bar with discs (the most classic), a Bulgarian bag or a kettlbell .



The exercise of the basin survey is an ideal exercise to tone your legs and have nice well shapely buttocks. Here again it is possible to add weight to the pelvis (with a bar) to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.



With this exercise, we aim for the¬†¬†gluteus maximus¬†, the largest part of your buttocks.¬†There are several types of extensions: abduction of the hip on the ground, elevation of the thigh towards the back (donkey kick), lateral elevation of the thigh …

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