Lose a few pounds before going on vacation 

Lose a few pounds before going on vacation 

Lose a few pounds before going on vacation

That’s it, it’s the month of June. The sun is finally showing, the terraces of the restaurants are filling, and it makes you want! But a month of vacation, not easy then to reconcile the outputs and the inevitable diet to find his summer body for the beach. Here are some tips to lose a few pounds in a month without going on a drastic diet.

To start here is a very good video that I found on the Internet with answers to the main questions posed by those who want to lose weight just before the summer:


Some simple rules to follow day by day

Forget the industrial products and favor the seasonal products. If you were an adept, please forget all that is fast food during this month. Take the time to chew your food longer than usual and focus on your feelings. Also minimize your use of alcohol and tobacco to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Try to go to bed before midnight, and stay hydrated!

These are very simple tips that require little effort, but they are enough to get results compared to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In your plate: the foods to privilege

Fruits and vegetables

As I said above, opt for seasonal and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables to get the most out of their benefits on your line 😉

Animal and vegetable proteins

For a perfect balance without too much fat, here are some foods to prefer for your protein intake: chicken, fish, shrimp, lentils, quinoa, whole rice …

Fatty substances

You can eat fat, but not just any fat. Favor quality ones, good for the heart and the skin: salmon, avocado, almonds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil …


Ideally, divide your plate as follows: 1/2 vegetable, 1/4 starch or legume, + (optional) 1/4 meat or fish.

In any case and all day long: do not forget to hydrate yourself (water, herbal tea, fresh fruit juice …). This allows your body to function without getting tired.

No time ? Need a quick diet!

Too late ! You are two weeks away from the holidays and you have to lose weight fast ! There are cases where you do not have time to change your eating habits. For that not the choice, it will be necessary to pass for a more drastic regime. I advise to adopt the fasting , a method that is simply to skip meals to eat less. Simple, clear, and above all effective: p

And on vacation, how to limit slippage?

Favor cooking without fat and long grilling without merguez! For picnic, prepare your sandwiches yourself: less fat, cheaper and much better! For dessert and in case of a small hollow, prefer fruits.

Finally, the food balance is one week so if you really want, go for it! Enjoy your vacation anyway. The important thing is to compensate!

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