Lemon juice makes you lose weight: info or intox?

Lemon juice makes you lose weight

Lemon juice makes you lose weight: info or intox?

A recent WHO report has shown that about one billion of the world’s population is victimized or threatened by the problem of overweight, a figure that is expected to rise to 3 billion in just 12 years. Obese people have lower levels of vitamin C than those found in normal weight individuals.

Vitamin C is indeed known to accelerate the elimination of fat during exercise even moderate, while its lack promotes the accumulation of these fats including abdominal and long-term that can block the circulation of blood in the vessels leading to the risk of cardiovascular accidents. Lemon is a fruit with a high content of vitamin C.

Regular consumption of lemon juice for weight loss is also recommended by nutrition experts to prevent possible risks of obesity.

The benefits of lemon

Consumption or compliance with a diet of lemon juice over a period of between 4 to 15 days has a draining detoxifying effect resulting in weight loss. Indeed it helps the body to get rid of impurities thus facilitating the work of the digestive system that works better. As a result, there is less fat accumulation and you lose weight .

Its high content of citric acid allows the digestive enzymes to contain and absorb the sugar found in the meal and turn into fat the right amount that will later be used as energy by the body. Lemon juice facilitates digestion, which prevents bloating and allows better circulation of waste in the intestinal transit and their evacuation through stool.

In addition, lemon is a citrus fruit with multiple virtues that contains antioxidants helping to protect the body’s cells against cancer risks. It improves the storage of calcium in fat cells. The latter is known for its effectiveness in the elimination of bad fat such as cellulite. Lemon is an appetite suppressant because its vitamin C content has the advantage of a low calorie count, which is 35 calories per 100 grams.

It is transformed in contact with the stomach and limits the feeling of hunger throughout the day. Vitamin C helps fight colds Its potassium content stimulates brain activity and helps regulate blood pressure.

Lemon juice makes you lose weight

Diet pattern with lemon juice

To lose your unwanted pounds, two effective and proven methods: exercise sessions in the gym and … a good diet with lemon juice 😉 Indeed, combine fitness exercises in this case to a Diet followed to the letter is definitely better than a strict fast which will certainly make you lose weight, but just in the short term. Without sports, you can lose weight too but you do not attack the source of your problem which is fat. Very few know, but overweight is the result of a lack of daily fitness exercises and unhealthy eating habits that deprive the body of essential nutrients.

Here is a food program that you can adopt and whose advantage is not to be based on deprivation.

Start your diet with a day of detoxification. For 24 hours, you should eat natural foods such as vegetables or cereals and drink plenty of water to cleanse your body.

Every morning, you will have to drink a glass of lemonade (warm water + lemon) on an empty stomach, to start the day well. The rest is easy to follow: focus on the lemon when cooking! For example, take the reflex to replace salad dressing with lemon juice, or to put lemon slices on your fish. You will reduce the consumption of sugar. We advise you to use organic lemon, it will be of better quality than the others and healthier for your organization.

During your diet, prefer the consumption of vegetables, whole or natural foods, condiments instead of salt. Raw or undercooked foods are also recommended. Decrease sugar and fat, it’s important!

However, do not put too much stress on lemon zest, especially if you have stomach problems or a predisposition to kidney problems. You can see them in three weeks. If you follow the advice above, your figure will be refined.

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