Learn all about the Nail Art of Nail Stamping

Learn all about the Nail Art of Nail Stamping

Art is not manifested only in canvases, sketches or walls, there are endless possibilities to capture the creativity of a person, and makeup has undoubtedly become one of those forms of inexhaustible artistic expression. Professional manicurists (and amateurs too, why not say so?) Have taken pains to create increasingly intricate and original designs for their nails, so that those who shine them stand out on any occasion when they merit it.

This novelty of experimenting with nail art, popularly called “nail art” has brought with it a large number of inventions that make work easier for those of us who are not so experienced with drawing or have a somewhat trembling pulse. We no longer have to regret and settle for glitter, because thanks to these new products we can carry beautiful designs, simply stamping them on our nails.

This technique of stamping on the nails is called “Nail Stamping” and today we will show you what elements you need and how this technique is carried out step by step.

In this video we can understand perfectly how this technique of nail stamping works . First of all we must be clear about the elements we need:

– Plates with designs

– Stamper

– Scraper or old credit card

– Nail polish remover

– Diary paper

– Enamels of different colors

– Cotton and cotonitos

First of all, have previously our nails painted with the shade of enamel that we have chosen. Wait for it to dry well, and then proceed to stamp. Consider that the color we must choose for the pattern should be a tone that contrasts with the background color, to highlight. Do not forget to have our stamp and plate very clean before proceeding. As explained in the video, we must be very quick when carrying out this technique to prevent the enamel from drying out. Then, toWe apply the polish on the design chosen on the plate, we pass the card or scraper to eliminate the excess liquid, and quickly press the stamp on the drawing. Instantly, and before it dries, we stamp one of our nails for a few seconds, avoiding to move the tampon so that the image does not run. So we proceed with each of our nails, and as a final touch, and thinking that our nail art lasts several days, we will apply transparent top coat to fix it and protect it.

But there is a stamper whose “gummies” are transparent, which makes the stamping process even easier. Although there are certain enamels on the market that promise to be special for printing, do not be fooled, any good quality glaze will be useful, it should only be in good condition. What you should consider when choosing it is pigmentation, for this you can try first stamping on paper to see how pigmented your enamel is. In this video below you will see a full explanation of each of the elements used in nail stamping and what you should avoid.

As you can see, you no longer need to have special skills or pay a lot of money to achieve a nice design on your nails. If you liked this nail art technique and want to start right now, look on Aliexpress.com or in specialized stores, the plates and the stamper, and surprise everyone with incredible nails.


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