Good warm up for bodybuilding

Good warm up for bodybuilding

Good warm up for bodybuilding

Most of those who are going to train in the room are aware of the importance of a good warm-up before starting to lift heavy loads, yet I see very little warm up properly.

There are several schools:
● Those who run directly on the machines and begin to load
● Those who start with 10 min of cardio on the treadmill or exercise bike
● Those who do a simple joint warm-up (in memory of the classes PSE)

So how to warm up before a bodybuilding session?

The risks of a bad warm-up

The role of the warm-up at the beginning of the session is mainly to prepare your muscles, tendons and joints for a sport practice, in this case bodybuilding. Here are the effects of a bad warm-up:

Risk of injury: By relaxing your muscles and tendons, you will have less risk of injury. Muscle tear, elongation, tendonitis, etc. are frequent injuries in bodybuilding that could deprive you of sport for weeks or even months. The lack of warm-up is one of the main factors of muscle injury.

Decreased performance: Your muscles have a temperature of around 36 ° C at rest, but it has been proven that their maximum yield is around 39 ° C because the tendons are more elastic and muscle flexibility much greater. Thus, warming up helps bring your body to a temperature more conducive to optimal results.

Deterioration of the recovery: Neglecting the warm-up can also lead to complications (pains or cramps) occurring after the session and which reduce the quality of your recovery.

How to warm up for bodybuilding?

I advise you to share your warm-up in 3 parts:

1. Joint warming / muscular awakening

This is the first indispensable step. The goal is to gently prepare the body by bringing into play all the joints (or at least those that will be harmed during the session) to stimulate the joints and increase the amount of synovial fluid at the level joint capsules.

Synovium is a fluid that lubricates the joints making movements easier and fluid while reducing pressure in the joint. The greater the amount of the latter, the less pressure and effort on the joints during exercise.

It’s fast, 3 min should suffice during which you move the movements:
– Circles front and back with the shoulders
– Circles wrists
– Rotations of the bust
– Circles with the neck
– Hip opener for the hips
– etc.

2. Cardio exercises

Image result for Cardio exercises

Raise your body temperature, heart rate and warm up your muscles and joints with some cardio exercises.

– Burpees
– Body Weight Squat
– Jumping Jacks
– Knee Lift – Body
Weight Slots

5 min where you chained these exercises (taking a few seconds break each time) will be largely sufficient.

I recommend this type of exercise rather than machine-based cardio, for which it has not been proven the benefits as a warm up before a weight training session.

Remember that a good warm-up is to prepare the joints and muscle for the work of the session. We must obviously focus on the muscles that will be worked (and the whole body for a full body session). For example if you are about to make a chest session it will be necessary to heat the shoulder, the elbow, and the big pectoral.

3. The work in progressive charge

The pyramid type work is a very good way to go gradually. Start your training with little weight, and simple exercises. If you are going to do bench press start bar empty, and increase the load gradually until you get to your workload.

That’s it, a complete warm-up should take between 10 and 15 min, but believe me it’s not a moment of lost! Take this good habit.

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