Fasting: My opinion on this radical method

Fasting: My opinion on this radical method

The principle of fasting

Fasting (or fasting intermittently) is a method that comes straight from the United States and is based on a simple principle: on the 24 hours that make up a day, we fast 16h and we have a time slot of 8 hours to eat.

Basically, if we finish dinner not too late (21h) we can eat again the next day from 13h. So it is mainly breakfast that goes by the wayside in this method.

For followers of this type of diet, the usual breakfast is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity.


Although the principle stated above remains the most common, other fasting techniques are admitted.

● Fasting weekly basis.
This consists of “simply” playing fast one day a week. Ex: You eat a normal meal on Monday evening at 21h, and you will have the right to eat again than 24 hours later is Tuesday evening 21h. In the same vein, some extend this principle to 2 days a week (non-consecutive).

● One big meal a day
The title is quite evocative: we take here only one “real” meal a day and we force ourselves to a young partial the rest of the day based on fruits, vegetables or dried fruits for example.

The announced effects of fasting


According to studies on fasting intermittently, the benefits of fasting over conventional diets would be many:
✓ Losing fat is faster
✓ Your metabolism increases
✓ Your hypertension is reduced
✓ Your bad cholesterol also decreases
✓ Less risk of contracting cancer
✓ You have better control of your appetite
✓ Your blood sugar level is more stable!

In short, presented like that, it is sure that it is quite attractive! But as I have always been told, we must never trust appearances …

The reasons for the success of fasting

The reasons for the success of this method are quite simple. The diet is one of the favourite interests of French (es) always looking for the miracle method to lose weight.

Almost every year we have the fashionable method and we must believe that 2017 is the year of Fasting.

Why ? Because the Internet and our bookstores are full of books, E books and forums testifying to the surprising efficiency of this method. I read on the Internet a loss announced between 2 and 3kg per day … Not very serious!

The best known work in France is certainly that of Jean-Baptiste Rives , for whom fasting would have had effects greater than expected. This 34-year-old entrepreneur explains in his book how, after multiple schemes without success, he finally managed to lose 20 kg thanks to the fasting method coming from the United States.

In his book ” The Fasting “, JB Rives explains that taking breaks in his diet can “rest his liver and digestive system, while improving his hormonal profile towards a fat burner metabolism”. The promise is to lose 3 to 5 pounds a month.

According to the author, the method would be safe and would not cause muscle wasting or deficiencies. In addition, the hypoglycemic attacks would disappear and the energy and vitality would reach higher levels, despite the jump of breakfast, classified as the king meal of the day for its carbohydrate intake.

Jean-baptiste Rives also discusses the benefits of fasting sports, which would burn more fat and become more muscular. For people wishing to lose weight with fasting, the goal is to plan the most activities at the end of the fasting period: “the walk that will burn almost only fat, muscle resistance exercises, and even a little running, water, coffee if needed, “advises the author.

No risk to health? What do the specialists say

Nutritionists have always used the method of fasting intermittently but within detox cures to be followed for short periods. This is to put the digestive system to rest and eliminate toxins, more than an effective way to lose weight in the long run.

According to the nutritionists, practicing fasting does not actually present a real risk for health when it is performed by a healthy person, but could be the cause of slight fatigue (unlike the energy boost come not the followers of the method ).

According to them, skipping dinner and not breakfast would be a better idea: by taking our last meal earlier in the day, we give ourselves the time to eliminate calories before bed.

My opinion on fasting

I have the impression that the main objective of people who will apply this method is to lose weight without getting too head (no need to count calories for example).

But in my opinion those who hope to lose weight permanently by simply removing breakfast from their diet, and continuing to eat fat at other meals are wrong on the line. It’s not because you have not eaten breakfast that the effort is over.

We must first try to understand the mechanisms behind fasting and losing weight.

To lose weight, you will especially need to eat fewer calories than you spend.

So yes, if your total daily caloric is decreased because you skip breakfast, you may have results since your body will have to dig into the reserves to compensate for some of the missing energy.

But if you continue to eat the same thing the rest of the time it will not change absolutely nothing 😉

My advice

If you practice bodybuilding and you think to dry thanks to fasting, I advise to continue a regular diet with at least 3 meals a day, but to review the composition of your meals and go slowly. Do not be radical: remove the bad foods little by little from your habits so as not to upset your body.

If your only goal is weight loss, then fasting may be a solution for you but be careful to understand that skipping a meal will not do it all. You have to eat healthy the rest of the time. I advise you to read the book of JB Rives for more information and to understand the method.

In my opinion, Paleo feeding may be a more viable long-term strategy than intermittent fasting techniques such as fasting. In this way it is possible to reduce his carbohydrate intake without even his body realizes it.

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