Cardio exercises at home

Cardio exercises at home

To work your cardio, you do not need a subscription to the gym or invest in a bike. No need either to spend 1 hour running …

This article is intended for all those who are broke, but in addition who do not have the time! This article is for everyone (men and women) who want to be able to do cardio exercises at home because it’s good for you. 🙂

With this home-made cardio program, 10 minutes is enough! Here are the 8 exercises to follow to create your routine and replace a HIIT session:

1 – Kneeling

The exercise of the knees is to run on the spot; it is a very effective cardio exercise that will work also the legs and abdominals.

30 sec. are enough to warm up!

2 – Pumps

No effective cardio session without a good set of pumps! The exercise is known to all, but many are the ones to poorly execute the pumps. Variation with knees on the floor for girls

30 sec. – do the maximum of repetitions

3 – Burpees

The burpees are divided into 4 stages, which allows to muscularize most muscle groups with a single exercise, and to develop their aerobic abilities.

1 min – do the maximum of repetitions

4 – Jumping jacks

A very simple but effective exercise for cardio: Feet together, you must jump by raising your arms and spreading your legs. Try to keep a steady pace!

30 sec – do the maximum of repetitions

5 – Board

Not totally a cardio exercise, but I could not not add the place in this cardio program, as it’s good for cladding and abs.

1 min – if possible

6 – Mountain climbers

The mountain climber will work dynamically on the lower limbs of your body but also the abdominal strap and the upper limbs of your body.

30 sec – do the maximum of repetitions

7 – Sauteed Squats

The squat is the exercise of reference to muscle the legs. Repetitions chained at a fast pace will come to work cardio. To intensify the cardio: make a jump during the ascent.

30 sec – do the maximum of repetitions

8 – Crunches

It is impossible not to finish with a specific exercise aimed at the abdominals. The crunch is the best known, and there are many variations. Choose the ones that suit you.

30 sec – do the maximum of repetitions


1. 30 sec – Knee climbs 
2. 30 sec – Pumps 
3. 1 min – Burpees 
4. 30 sec – Jumping jacks 
5. 1 min – Plate 
6. 30 sec – Mountain climbers 
7. 30 sec – Squats 
8. 30 sec – Crunches

If I count well it’s a total of 5min. 
Repeat this routine 2 times to make 10 minutes 😉

Take at least 1min of recovery between the two sets.

You can do this cardio circuit every day if you wish, but if you already manage to keep a pace of 3 times a week, that’s fine. Ç has made you a complete workout in only 30 minutes / week, not bad right?

You do not have to respect my program to the letter, you can adapt it by keeping only a few exercises. However, try to ensure that your session is not less than 8-10 min. If you withdraw exercises while keeping the same execution times, then make 3 series instead of 2. (for example 3 sets of 3 min = 9 min, it’s ok).

If you’re new, go slow. This kind of high intensity session can quickly turn your head.

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