Bodybuilding after 50 years: what changes?

Bodybuilding after 50 years: what changes?

It’s common for people over 40 to start losing motivation and gaining weight. It is natural, several scientific studies prove it. However, it is better not to take it as a fatality because it is precisely the 40-50 years that your lifestyle will be the most determining on your general health.

If you do not want to accumulate age-related illnesses, do you physically get along and why not even start bodybuilding? I see more and more seniors in my gym, mainly in the morning, and it’s nice! It’s good.

Bad habits after 50 years

Generations before us did not have to go to gym because their way of life was that they were always in motion. We are sedentary and we need to reserve some of our time to do voluntary exercises.

But past a certain age sport has less importance in our lives. Why ? Because many still do not understand that we do sport for our health and not just to maintain an aesthetic body. This is especially true in bodybuilding! When we are young we want big muscles so we will train, and little by little the physical matter less, so we stop.

In addition to no longer doing exercises, we take bad eating habits. We eat more fat, we drink more alcohol, we do not take the time to cook …  Consequences: lack of energy, loss of libido, we gain weight …

I know that the few doctors who advise the sport for seniors recommend swimming, brisk walking … But I want to advise also bodybuilding!

Is it important to get muscle after 50 years?

You can imagine, but yes it is important! We all lose muscle over time, but it tends to accelerate after 50 years. This loss of muscle can have big health consequences.

Can we choose bodybuilding as a sport after 50 years? YES

The importance of muscles

Your body has at least 700 muscles. They are obviously indispensable to us and have 2 main functions:

● A postural function: they support our skeleton, and allow it to function optimally. The problem is that with age you tend to exercise less, and this is the cause of the main ailments due to old age: you lose your muscle tone which promotes tendinitis problems, back pain, you hurt easily, you have little balance, etc.

● A dynamic function:  They allow you to be in motion, to move, but also allow you to protect yourself. In case of impact, if you have enough muscle mass will reduce the severity of the injury. This is true at any age, but with the loss of overall muscle mass after age 50, one becomes more and more vulnerable.

Sedentary adults lose an average of 3-8% of their total muscle mass every 10 years, in addition to fat gain due to slower metabolism. The practice of sport can limit these effects: with bodybuilding you maintain your muscle mass stable, and you increase your metabolism at the same time which reduces weight gain!

There are many other positive effects on your health: bodybuilding provides cardio-vascular benefits with lowering blood pressure, but also lowering cholesterol, increasing bone density, and so on.

How is a bodybuilding session after 50 years?

The training formats that make it possible to progress are generally exactly the same whatever the age. The training programs that I propose, or that you can find everywhere on the internet, therefore remain valid whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old.

Of course, there are a number of things that will have to be taken into account because your body does not work the same way after 50 years. You do not have the same metabolism, your body rotates less quickly so you have to pay more attention to nutrition, stress management, sleep well, etc.

Avoid actions that are too explosive and loads that are too heavy to preserve your joints.

I would advise to listen more to your body past a certain age. Although studies have shown that we can keep the same volume of training, see the increase if you want to take the mass, personally I would tell you to pay attention. Until 60 years old it’s ok. On the other hand, after 60 years, I recommend to my clients to increase the recovery time between sessions and to take not too heavy weights.

If you feel pain or even aches from the previous session, let another day 😉

Know that you can even do more than avoid this loss of muscle: it is still possible to increase muscle mass after 50 years, but it is true that the progression will be lower at equal effort.

Take action!

Are you over 50 and notice that you lose muscle? React right now by starting a bodybuilding program! It’s never too late to start and I guarantee you’ll thank me in a few years.

On my site you will find a special part programs and exercises . There is nothing to sell, everything is free … I just give you tips and recommendations of exercises that you can perform from home with a minimum of equipment!

But to be more motivated, you can very well subscribe to a paid training program and / or go to the gym to take group lessons.

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