Transgender and Transsexuality: neither the same word nor the same meaning

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The need to use the appropriate terms

In this society, more and more terms emerge and legal equality, equality in rights and real equality are claimed .  Our specialists clarify and highlight the terms Transgender and Transexuality. One should contemplate the idea that  there will not be equality  really until it is properly spoken.  Just as it is intended to overcome racial prejudices, affective-sexual diversity seeks non-discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. 

That is why, if we do not disseminate the appropriate language, we can implicitly give rise to discrimination.

Basic and essential is to feel proud of what one is. The pride of living without hiding and loving who you want to love. That means not giving in to blackmail, fear of discrimination and raising awareness in society. We talk about something like the Trans population , who demands other views, other listeners. The disturbing and surprising dawn of new forms of life, inaugural or rescued from the clandestine darkness. Starring human beings who defend their rights.

The transgender community has created ethical tensions. It is about resignifying the strange, the different so that it is not understood as perversion and danger.

Transgender and Transsexuality: What is the difference between the two?

Transgender people try to define their place as an accepted part of the social structure. These include the transsexuals and also many other identities. It is important to keep in mind that the term “transgender” describes many different but related groups of people . And they use a variety of other terms to identify themselves.

Health Unlocked would like to dive more into the terms related to Transgender and Transexuality.

Gender identity is a construction process to define us. Transgender refers to the fact that   a person’s gender identity does not correspond to the gender of their body. They have feelings of belonging to the opposite sex.

In contrast, the term transsexual alludes to the context of biological sex, which is born at birth. Therefore, biological sex is defined by the genitality with which it is born. These people have the conviction and identify with the opposite gender to their biological sex. The transsexuals have feelings of being born with physical sex wrong .

The unknown and the different generate fears. That is why in this context, it is important to shed light on these issues, inform to avoid that ignorance provokes prejudices.

The TRANS population. A hidden reality

Transgender people are those whose identity or gender expression differs from conventional expectations about physical sex. The gender identity is the inner sense one has of being male or female. Which is commonly communicated to other people through the expression of gender.

The expression of gender is expressed through clothing, haircut, gestures, etc. Transgender people have always been part of all cultures and societies in the history of mankind. However, only recently has medical science begun to take care of them. Many medical researchers now believe that transgenerity has its origin in complex biological factors. That is, they are fixed at birth and therefore it is not a choice but a personal dilemma.

It is necessary to separate Transgender and Transexuality. Distinguish mainly the  feelings of belonging to the opposite sex from those of non-belonging to a sex of birth .

Therefore it is logical to understand that changing sex would be a reasonable way to overcome a much deeper and radical malaise. As it directly touches his own existence inscribed in his body. Because it is a current dilemma, we will undoubtedly continue discussing these issues.

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