Stress, sex and lack of desire.

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Stress, the great enemy

Stress and sex are directly related although we are not always aware of it. When the lack of desire is due to stress, you have to look for solutions. Combining sex therapy is an effective alternative along with the treatment of stress.

This problem is usually sharpened over time if we do nothing. We recommend consulting with a sexologist to help you stimulate sexual appetite. The advice of a specialist is crucial to return to enjoy sex.

Being subjected to a very frequent stress and for a long period of time can cause different physical and psychological health problems. Lack of sexual desire is one of the most common symptoms of stress.

When we are stressed we can have anxiety or insomnia problems. It is also common to feel sad, irritable, apathetic and tired. If we do not feel good physically and emotionally, we lose the initiative. And with it, also the interest in the activities that normally make us feel good. If we are too stressed, our head will be full of worries. But how are stress and sex related? With the anxiety and overwhelm the difficulties arise to disconnect from work and everything that worries us. In this state it is very likely to suffer from lack of sexual appetite.

Anxiety and stress are the main enemies of a satisfying sex life. And one of the most frequent causes of lack of sexual desire.

Stress and sex How affects?

The problem of lack of sexual desire usually appears gradually and usually gets worse over time if the situation persists. Normally patients come to consultation when they have been with this problem for a long time. At first they do not give it much importance but with the worsening, worries, frustration and discomfort arise due to lack of desire. The inhibition of sexual desire is not a problem until it generates an emotional discomfort to the person who suffers or to his partner. In any case, we can affirm that the passing of time is not usually a good viable solution. As we have said, normally the problem will become more acute. Therefore, if you notice a decrease in sexual desire it is always advisable to consult a  sexologist .

When the lack of sexual desire is mainly due to stress, it is necessary to combine sexual therapy with the treatment of stress problems.

Experts advise …

Our team of sexologists offers you some tips to better manage stress and sex and that does not affect the couple:

  • Learn to disconnect and manage your concerns. In case your stress is working it is important that you learn to disconnect from work. Your work concerns should be addressed in your work time.
  • Practice some relaxation technique and perform physical exercise. It is demonstrated that both activities are effective in managing stress.
  • Set priorities and reserve some time alone with your partner.
  • Identify at what times you feel less tired and you can have a better predisposition to have a nice physical contact with your partner.
  • We recommend that you remove pressure and that you temporarily forget to practice intercourse. Seek sensations and pleasure throughout the body, beyond the genitals. This will also help you get out of the routine .
  • Stimulate your sexual fantasies. To increase your sexual desire you must think about sex and this we can facilitate by exposing you to different types of sexual stimuli: you can read erotic literature or watch erotic videos. If you are a woman and you do not like porn, investigate because not all porn is the same. There are directors like Erika Lust who make a kind of pornographic cinema designed and created especially for women.
  • Get out of the routine and have fun: Play, change where you practice sex, dare to visit a sex shop with your partner and try a toy.

If you liked our article, share it. It might interest other couples to go through the same thing.

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