Sexuality and motherhood Are they incompatible?


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Sexuality and motherhood. When we give birth to part of all the physical symptoms that can be experienced as vaginal dryness, intercourse pains and cracking of breasts and nipples, hormonal changes etc. In addition, our body has to recover from childbirth and even many times to feel attractive again.

On the other hand every mother at first feels very stressed. A newborn will always occupy in the first months, much of our time including days and nights. Therefore we have to breastfeed, sleep every time and be overturned both physically and emotionally, causing exhaustion. There are even mothers who have to learn to reconcile it with the incorporation to work. It can also happen to us that we suffer postpartum depression, influencing all of the above, and in motherhood and sex.

Reoccurring sex and increasing libido after childbirth is something that worries many women.


To avoid possible infections and physical recovery, it is medically recommended that most women wait the first six weeks, before having sex with penetration. As the months pass, the child grows and will need less attention, leaving us more time to sleep and spend intimate moments with our partner.

And what about the sexual appetite? Normally and especially at the beginning in general it is normal not to feel like having sex. It is possible to combine motherhood and sex, and sexual desire recovers with the months.

It is important to have good communication with the couple. We must understand that you are not going through all these symptoms that we experience and if you have sexual desire . Many times women need samples of affection but not sexual and can generate misunderstandings or that our partner may feel excluded.

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