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Sex beyond intercourse and genitality

The sexual life of couples should not be limited to intercourse and genitals. Sex is in our whole body and in our mind and we can live it with the five senses. Our team of sexologists we propose that you experiment with your partner making the non-genital sensory focus.

The sexual life of couples can become routine over time. The couples that come to our practice usually limit their sexual relations to the stimulation of the genitals and especially to sexual intercourse. It is believed that this fixation of sex with genitality and coitus comes from the association of sex with reproduction.

It is very important that we understand sex beyond our genitals. It is in our whole body and in our mind.

To enjoy a full sexual life, we recommend that you experiment with your whole body and with your mind. You can also experience sex with the five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.

Our team of Health Unlocked recommend couples to perform erotic massages that enrich their sex lives . In sexual therapy, we recommend starting with non-genital sensory targeting exercises. Sensory focus means focusing on sensations.

The goal of sensory targeting is for each member of the couple to relax, experience and enjoy the sensations they feel while stimulating their partner.

The couple should look for a quiet moment and an intimate place. Both must undress and perform the exercise in turn so that each one has their moment and takes an active role in seeking their own pleasure.

Sex life for couples

In this exercise couples can stimulate the whole body, except the genitals and should refrain from intercourse.

Then we leave you with some suggestions for you to perform this exercise with your partner :

  • Play to vary the firmness and rhythm of the caresses.
  • Concentrate on noticing the different sensations that you feel caressing the different areas of the body. Become aware of the different textures. Note the difference between touching the back of the hands, neck or back.
  • Become aware of the different sensations that you feel caressing with the palm of your hand or only with the tips of your fingers.
  • You can cover your eyes to focus completely on the tactile sensations.
  • You can use some massage oil and notice how your hands slide on your partner’s body .
  • Prepare a pleasant atmosphere. You can light some candles to lightly illuminate the room with a soft and warm light.
  • You can stimulate other senses besides the tactile: you can play relaxing music or you can play whispering things to your partner’s ear . Experience also are the smells and tastes.

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