Sexual fantasies Myths and truths.

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Sexual fantasies , for a long time it was a taboo subject that was not talked about. But nowadays we know that they are something healthy and natural that helps us stimulate sexual desire . Sharing sexual fantasies with the couple reflects good sexual communication. In some cases, there are unhealthy fantasies that can generate sexual problems.

What are sexual fantasies and why do we have them?

People have sexual fantasies because we have sexual desire. As well as because we are endowed with a great capacity to imagine situations and feel as if we were living them. The sexual desire makes us have spontaneous sexual thoughts. The sexual fantasies are something more elaborate where we can from a sexual thought. And recreate ourselves in it voluntarily. It allows us to build a scene in which we are like the “director of the movie” and we can also appear in it. Health Unlocked recommend people who have a low sexual desire to develop their own sexual fantasies. This helps them to stimulate desire, to get carried away during sex. And of course to enrich your sex life.

Is it advisable to talk about fantasies with the couple?

The couples who share their sexual fantasies have a good sexual communication.

We must bear in mind that sexual fantasies are like a desire that does not have to materialize. It can excite us to imagine a certain situation, without it implying putting it into practice.

Many heterosexual women fantasize, for example, of having sex with another woman, but they would not. The same goes for trios or orgies. It can excite us to imagine ourselves participating in these situations. But it does not mean that we want to make that fantasy come true. If you want to share your fantasies with your partner it is important that you do not judge the other. What your partner would like does not have to like you too.


When fantasies can be a problem?

The sexual fantasies are problematic or unhealthy when they are the only way that the person has aroused. Some people have unhealthy fantasies that we call paraphilias . These are characterized by the appearance of intense and recurrent sexual impulses. Or fantasies or behaviors that involve unusual objects, activities or situations. And that they are a requisite for the paraphilic subject to get excited and reach orgasm. For example, the person can only get excited and reach orgasm having sexual fantasies with animals. In these cases, we recommend that the couple consult with a sexologist .

The sexual fantasies can also cause discomfort in the couple although there is a paraphilia. The important thing is that each member of the couple can decide whether or not they want to put it into practice. This has to be talked about calmly and without pressure. Under no circumstances should one take action if one of the two members does not feel comfortable.

Some advice from experts

Next, the Health Unlocked team  recommends some tips and advice:

  • Make your own sexual fantasies with all kinds of detail. This helps stimulate your desire and enrich your sex life.
  • Share your sexual fantasies with your partner to encourage good sexual communication.
  • Do not judge the sexual fantasies of the couple. And do not forget that your fantasies do not have to like you too.
  • We can have a sexual fantasy and we do not have to want to put it into practice.
  • Consult with a sexologist if your sexual fantasies are limited to certain objects or unusual situations and are limiting your sex life instead of enriching it.

If you liked our article, share it. It could be of interest and help other couples.

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