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The best measure of sexual desire is the frequency of relationships that a person would like to maintain to meet their needs. If a person shows a zero interest in sex, they will say that they never want to have sex with their partner. In this case we are before a person with Sexual Desire Inhibited .

The most usual is to find couples who show an imbalance in their respective sexual desires.

While one part of the couple would maintain daily relationships, the other does not want to have sex more than once every two weeks. In fact, there is no established criterion for the normal frequency of sexual relations between stable partners. Each couple sets in motion their own mechanisms to rebalance their differences. The important thing is to reach an agreement to enjoy sex with freedom. Generally the person with little sexual desire initiates behaviors of subtle estrangement from his partner to avoid sexual relations . You can avoid passionate kisses, caresses when you are alone at home, etc. Without almost realizing it, the very person who performs these behaviors aims to avoid sexual intercourse.

The person with greater sexual desire, begins to increase their behavior to get sexual contacts with their partner. Far from doing it with sweetness and eroticism, each time it becomes more rude and direct in its actions. In part due to the frequent rudeness of his partner and partly because of the high sexual desire that presents. This vicious circle grows bigger and ends up distancing the couple more.

The person with little libido ends up losing it completely. He often feels guilty and helpless, while the other side feels misunderstood and does not know how to act.


This is the big question that all the people who visit our consultations with this problem ask themselves. The answer is “yes”, without any doubt . The difficulty of working with sexual desire is that it depends on many factors: couple, educational, sexual fantasy, stress, etc. In most couples with libido problems, all these factors have an impact, to a greater or lesser extent.

The goal is to work all the areas involved in sexual desire. The latest studies warn us that the results are frankly positive when the whole program is carried out, from the first consultation to the last.

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