As is known, communication in the couple is essential so that the bond is maintained and confidence is not lost.

The life of a couple must be fully assumed, so we must take into account many elements, and among them sexuality is a very important, because a good sexual relationship helps the couple build their privacy and their own world.

Because of this, the couple must maintain an intense communication in the sexual area so that the satisfaction is mutual and there are no feelings of frustration or resentment towards the other. Thus, to talk about what each one likes and what does not become a central issue in the development of a full sexual life.

First of all it is expected that the couple has developed the level of trust suitable to talk about sexuality without repression.

For there to be effective communication, feedback is necessary, and this is equally valid in the sexual sphere, but unfortunately many couples today find this thorny terrain and it becomes a real obstacle.

sexual communication
sexual communication

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to start a conversation where sexual matters are explored is to talk about sex in general, without specifying or personalizing, as naturally as possible and not during sexual intercourse properly because otherwise you will give the impression that You are dissatisfied, and the couple may be offended.

Then, you can start by speaking from your perspective without directing the action towards the other. For example, tell her what you would like, use phrases such as “I would like to experiment” or “I love it when this happens” and do not say “if you did this” because you will not receive it willingly. You can even feel attacked what would close communication channels and lead to an argument or frustration.

The conversation should be calm, without reproach and both should pay the greatest attention to the subject, so there should be media distractors such as television, radio, friends or children. The idea is to find an intimate moment so that a rapport can be given and the climate of trust allows both to express themselves freely.

On the other hand, it is key that they express themselves in positive terms, that is, talk about what they would like to do and not about what they do not like.

Already during sexual union letting the other know that what he has done satisfies you and you like it can be one of the best methods of sexual communication, since part of sexual pleasure is knowing that the other is pleased. Thus, you also reinforce what you like and at the same time increase your partner’s self-esteem. This is expected to be mutual, since sexuality within the life of a couple is a matter of two.

To ensure your own confidence and avoid misunderstandings you should call things by their names and not use vulgar words or nicknames that cause discomfort or that diminish the intimate atmosphere, at least to start the conversation and in non-sexual moments.

An unequivocal way of communicating desires and at the same time nurturing the sexual relationship can be talking about the sexual fantasies that each one has, so that they know respectively what they could do to please each other, and can even become an inciting game.

The most important thing is that you develop the possibility of talking with your spouse about anything so that both of you can express your feelings and needs well, so that you understand yourself better and have a more intimate relationship where both try to be happy and make each other happy.

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