Sexual communication in the couple

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The life of a couple must be fully assumed, so many elements must be taken into account. Sexual communication is a very important one, because a good communication in the sexual area will favor to strengthen the intimacy.

Because of this, the couple must maintain an exchange of information in the sexual area so that the satisfaction is mutual and there are no feelings of frustration or resentment towards the other. Thus, talking about the pleasures of each one is a central theme in the development of a full sexual life.

Basically, it is expected that the couple has developed the confidence level suitable to talk about sexuality without repression.

For there to be effective sexual communication, feedback is necessary. Unfortunately, many couples today find this thorny terrain and becomes a real obstacle.

Talk about sex with your partner

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to start a conversation where sexual matters are explored is talking about sex in general, without personalizing, as naturally as possible. It is advisable that it is not during the sexual intercourse properly, because otherwise you will give the impression that you are dissatisfied, and your partner could be offended.

Afterwards, you can start by speaking from your perspective without directing the action towards the other. For example, tell her what you would like, use phrases where you speak of yourself as “I would like to experiment” or “I love when this happens”. Do not tell him, “if you did this,” because he will not welcome it and may even feel attacked. On the other hand, it is key to communicate in positive terms, that is, talking about what they would like to do and not what they do not like. The reproaches would close channels of communication and would lead to an argument or frustration.

The conversation should be quiet, both of you should pay as much attention to the subject you are dealing with.

It is convenient that there are no distractors such as television, radio, friends or children. The idea is to find an intimate moment that favors a climate of trust that allows both to express themselves freely.

Sexual communication: express what pleases you

During sexual union, it is good to clarify to the other that what you have done you like, part of sexual pleasure is knowing that the other is pleased.

In this way, you also reinforce what you like and at the same time increase your partner’s self-esteem.

This is expected to be mutual, since sexuality within the life of a couple is a matter of two.

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