Sexual advice’s: Have a full sexual life

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Having a full sex life is very important and often we do not take it into account . That is to say, it may be that due to certain fears, prejudices, taboos or communication problems we do not satisfactorily live our sexuality. For this it is important that we know different sexual advice. The goal is to make our intimate relationships more exciting.

Living a good sex life means experiencing physical, mental and social well-being, in relation to sexuality.


sexual advice, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, couple therapy madrid, couple therapyWhen we experience intimate relationships we look for something satisfactory. That is, we can discover different techniques or sexual advice to make our sex an act of total enjoyment. For this, it is essential to dedicate time, creativity and imagination. That is, seeking pleasure is something that is not always so easy and needs us to invest energy.

To improve our sexual life we ​​can incorporate certain habits that increase our pleasure. We must always seek our own desire, respecting our partner. Some sexual tips to improve your sex life are:

  • Have a healthy life: have a healthy diet, sleep the necessary hours, play sports, etc. They are aspects that help our sexuality. On the contrary … drinking, smoking or taking drugs will worsen our sexual performance.
  • Personal hygiene: to achieve a healthier and more pleasant sex life it is important to take care of your intimate hygiene.
  • Accept and know your body: It is important to accept and love yourself to enjoy sex. To feel sexual pleasure you have to know yourself and seek your own pleasure.
  • Safe sex: use condoms to prevent possible sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies.
  • Forget prejudices: try to innovate and try new things without being overpowered by fear, shame or sexual taboos.
  • Confidence in the couple: talk about our desires, fantasies or preferences with our partner, always improve our sexual relationships.
  • Relax: letting go and learning to relax helps us to perceive sexual and pleasurable stimuli.

When we experience new sexual advice, we discover things we like, knowing ourselves more intimately and improving the sexual outcome.


sexual advice, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, couple therapy madrid, couple therapyTo enjoy sex you have to learn, so it is not surprising that many times we do not know how to do it. That is, if we feel that our sex life is not full, we should ask for sexual advice. For this, we can always have a professional in a natural way and without embarrassment. With your help we will learn to develop the full potential of our sexuality.

There are many causes why we can not have a more pleasant sex life. If you think that you do not feel pleasure, sexual desire, you do not reach orgasm, sex is monotonous etc … together with a sexologist you can solve your doubts. Also, you can acquire sexual skills and advice to improve your intimate relationships.

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