Sex toys, dare to use them

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Sex toys Why not? Although it remains a taboo subject, sex toys have more benefits than we think. It is normal that in our intimate relationships we sometimes lose some passion. That is, with time and routine, sex and desire may not be the same as in the beginning. Therefore it is time to innovate, be creative and put aside shame, prejudices and fears.

The sex toys can be a solution when love is present but entered the sexual monotony with our partner. Even to enjoy our sexuality if we are single.

Currently, the number of singles and couples who are willing to buy and experiment with sex toys has risen.



Currently there is a different way of thinking about sex toys . Formerly it was not at all well seen that someone used this type of objects in their sexual practices or to increase the pleasure. In spite of this, it is a subject that we still have trouble talking about and that for many people is still something dirty and unacceptable.

One advantage of having sex toys, is that they help us to know ourselves . In the same line, we learn about our body and its responses. Therefore, you will surely improve your sexual preferences by knowing your most sensitive, erogenous parts and discovering what you really like. All this can improve sex with your partner, since it is necessary to know what excites us in order to communicate and stimulate them.

Using sex toys can improve your orgasms.

The sex toys can help multiply the likelihood of orgasm. The more orgasms you get, the easier it will be to experience them again. In addition, having orgasms has great benefits in our health. These help us sleep better, free us from stress and tensions, from headaches, menstruation pains, back pain etc.

Likewise, it makes our desire to maintain sex not go away. That is, it helps us maintain our sexual desire. Our sex life will be more active and the sexual spark will not be extinguished so easily.  

In conclusion, sex toys increase our desire to have sex. In addition to that, they provide pleasure and fun. In the same line, it enhances the sensations of your body, improves oral sex and helps to solve possible sexual dysfunctions. Also, improving trust, intimacy and communication with our sexual partner.


sex toys, sex games, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, sexual coaching, sex therapy madrid, couples therapy madridMany times due to lack of information or sexual education we are repressed to explore our sexuality . Whether we are single or as a couple, sex toys can always help us discover, stimulate, explore and know our sexuality.

These types of objects are a beneficial support to make your sexual relationships much more pleasant and rewarding. 

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