Sex Therapy What does it consist of?

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Have you ever considered going to sex therapy ? Sexuality is one of the important areas of our life .

In the same way, it is also one of the areas that is most often harmed by daily problems. Physical, psychological and emotional issues directly affect our sexuality.

By all it is known that many people go through bad periods in the sexual field throughout their life.


Sex therapy consists of a set of therapeutic strategies and techniques. The objective is to solve the problems that the person has related to their sexuality.

The purpose is that the person enjoys a high general well-being, during their sexual relations and outside of them.

Many aspects of a person’s life are often worked on. Issues such as beliefs about sex, self and partner sexuality, sex education, traumas, work and the current context of the person.


Depending on the problem or the type of case, you should go alone or with the couple . It is not always mandatory that both partners of the couple go to therapy. On many occasions, despite living the problem as a couple, the person wants to treat a problem or personal difficulty.

–  Individual Sex Therapy:  usually, the person who requests individual sexual therapy does so because he thinks or feels that his sexual dissatisfaction is due to a personal difficulty.

–  Sexual therapy of couple:  The couple requests this form of sexual therapy when they consider that both suffer from sexual problems. In this way we work in session together with both members of the couple . It deals with those aspects related to sexual relationships and, if necessary, other aspects of the relationship. This is because there can be many possible causes of the sexual problem (affectivity, communication, trust, infidelity, etc.)

Sex Therapy does not only target people or couples who have a sexual dysfunction. Anyone who can:

  • Want to  improve your quality of sexual life  despite not having a specific problem.
  • They need or want to  complete their  sexual education , including simply making a timely consultation.
  • Do not enjoy your sex life fully.  For any other problem that is not a sexual dysfunction (problems of sexual self-esteem, sexual or affective traumas, difficulties of relationship with others, problems of couple, etc.).

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