Partner Wellness: Am I in a healthy relationship?

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A healthy and good sexual relationship is the  result of a  serious commitment of respect, care, affection and fidelity. You should know that the sexual aspects are intrinsically linked to the affective. This framework gives the security that makes possible well-being in a couple and a pleasant sexual life. Health Unlocked  think that:

In a healthy environment , it is easy and convenient to take an attitude of sympathy, affection, complicity and goodwill toward your partner. This happens under circumstances where you feel before every person and not object. On the contrary, if there are conflicts in the couple,  tensions will affect  the willingness to have physical intimacy. With someone with whom you can not have emotional intimacy, you will hardly have good physical intimacy.

In this context it is advisable to  address and solve problems  before they grow and generate great tensions that affect sexuality.

The ultimate goal of intercourse is the strengthening of the relationship itself. And for this it is necessary to bear in mind that commitment, care and fidelity in a relationship are the best values ​​to achieve an environment of stability, emotional and sexual health.

Tips for the well-being of a couple

  • Be  sensitive and receptive  to your partner’s sexual desires. Communicate your tastes and understand what your partner wants. Respect for what pleases each one is essential for a good relationship.
  • Remember that it is not a mechanical act. It is recommended that you be sensitive to the needs of your partner and be accompanied throughout the sexual encounter.
  • Strive to understand the  variables  of your partner’s sexual desire. When one of the two is not willing, accept their refusal. And without seeing it as a contempt to your person. Become aware that this is something natural.
  • Do not press or demand. For example, always reach orgasm or perform excessive or fantasizing sexual practices.
  • You have to be  flexible  if in some cases you do not have intercourse, since you can also enjoy a very stimulating and pleasant time.
  • To have well-being as a couple, sexual practices have to be varied, free and mutually agreed. You should also consider the limitations of physical security, take care of personal hygiene and maintain safe sex.

The goal of the sexual relationship is the strengthening of the relationship. In order not to fall into the routine of sexologists, health unlocked  proposes to have a creative attitude  It is essential for both parties to take original and changing initiatives.

Remember that it is important to reinvent yourself to achieve pleasant and unifying results.

Resolution of sexual difficulties


Do not take things so seriously or so jokingly. Some days sexual relations go well, and others are not so ideal. Then use a  sense of humor . The ups and downs are a natural part of life, and there are many factors that can affect the well-being of a couple. Sometimes they do not depend on us. They must start from the idea that the sexual difficulties that appear are a problem of both. Since they are a couple and they influence both.

If you are positive you will have half of your problems solved. Do not blame your partner or feel guilty among sexual problems, it  is key to focus on solutions. Recrimination generates circles of insecurity and resentment that aggravate the situation.

It is necessary to remember that the basis of well-being as a couple is commitment . But also the care, respect, solidarity, and life project that you have together. Without a doubt, paying attention to the sexual relationship will improve your  affective experience and, consequently, your well-being as a couple.

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