Myths about Sex

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It might seem a lie that in the 21st century we can still find people who have erroneous and mistaken ideas about sex . The myths about sex are causing widespread unrest in many couples making them feel unsatisfied or making not understand each other . In Health Unlocked we are willing to break some of the most frequent myths about sex :


Myth:  “The woman does not need to discharge her sexual needs like the man ” or ” The man is always willing to have sex”  

Truth:  Both men and women have the right to say no to a sexual relationship. There are days when we will be more tired, more stressed, we will be hot or we just do not want to have sex. Men and women need sex equally, variations have more to do with people than with sex. What is clear is that being a man does not require more sexual energy than a woman.

Myth:  ” The absence of the hymen proves that a woman is not a virgin”

Truth:  A woman may have lost her hymen at various times, accidents or situations, there are even women who have it so flexible that they do not lose it until the moment of delivery. The hymen is just a fold of tissue that is in the vagina, the loss of virginity is a situation much more psychological than physical. And the hymen may or may not be there having had sex or not.

Myth:  ” The woman reaches orgasm when feeling the penetration of the penis “ or ” There are two types of orgasms in women: vaginal and clitorial “

Truth:  The belief that there are two types of orgasms in women is very popular, but the reality is that the creator of any orgasm is only the clitoris, either by direct stimulation (masturbation, oral sex or penile friction on the outside) or indirect (with penetration). The clitor is an organ that is riddled with nerve endings, unlike the vagina. The belief that only penetration can have orgasms causes great frustrations in those women who do not get them, and that reaching the climax only with this practice is usually quite difficult.

Myth :  ” If the woman does not enjoy sex, it ‘s the man’s fault “

Truth:  Understanding the couple, knowing what they want and what they like is basic to be able to enjoy sexual relations. Anyway, the pleasure originated in a sexual relationship depends on many more factors than just the physical games that are made. Being stressed, tired or worried can seriously affect the quality of sexual relations, making it harder to enjoy them. If the person is also affected by a conservative education, if they are afraid or have some kind of educational, traumatic or other type of block, it will be much more difficult to enjoy or reach orgasm no matter how much the other party is totally delivered.

Myth:  ” A man with a small penis can not provide the same pleasure to a woman as another with a big penis”

Truth : As we said, that a woman enjoys during a sexual relationship depends on many psychological factors, the size of the penis is not one of them. It is thought that men with a large penis have more sexual potency, but in reality there is no scientific data to prove this claim. Better that men worry that their partner is relaxed and in tune with him than the inches of his penis.

Myth :  “Masturbation is an almost exclusive practice of men” or “Masturbation in men or women is a sign that something is not right in the couple “

Truth:  There are more and more women who are not ashamed to enjoy their own bodies. Both men and women practice it throughout their lives, without this meaning that their sexual lives are precarious at all. In fact, heteromasturbation can become a good game to practice with the couple.

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