Low sex desire in men

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Low sexual desire in men Is it possible? Of course. Although normally the lack of sexual desire is related to the woman, the man can also go through it.

The most common causes that tend to affect low sexual desire in men is the stress and fatigue of daily life. On the other hand, if we feel depressed or take antidepressants, there may be a decrease in our libido. We are all different and there are different causes why we can stop having a sexual appetite.

Work problems, family, social, economic … can always generate apathy in our sex life. Also, in our personal and physical self-esteem. In the same line can also be a reflection of potential problems in the couple, where there is no communication, sex is monotonous, there are discussions etc.  

On the other hand we must bear in mind that many men have been able to experience some type of sexual dysfunction . Among them for example, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. This can generate avoidance or lack of motivation in their intimate relationships for fear of failure.

In addition to the psychological causes we must discard the organic in all types of low sexual desire in men. One of them is age, since as we get older we can generate less production of sex hormones. On the other hand, chronic or metabolic diseases, hormonal alterations, use of drugs and drug use, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, etc., can negatively affect the interest towards sex.



low sexual desire in men, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, treatment under sexual desire, lack of sexual desire, male sexualityIf you feel that you have lost your sexual appetite and have not wanted to have sex for a long time, we recommend that you go to a professional. You may have tried to solve it for yourself without success. However, with the help of a specialist you can give solution. Although in many cases the origin is psychological, when there is low sexual desire in men we must discard any physical origin.

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