Loss of sexual desire.

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In many of the sentimental relationships a loss of the libido can appear. Sometimes lack of desire, motivation and desire to have sex can occur. In these cases it is not surprising that we lose the initiative in sex and we want to avoid it. In the same vein, making our intimate relationships somewhat unpleasant rather than rewarding.

When there is no sexual desire and the loss of libido predominates, it is difficult to move on to other phases of sexual behavior such as arousal and orgasm.


Within our sexuality there is no single cause that generates the loss of libido. There are several factors that may incur your loss.

loss of libido, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, lack of sexual desire, couple therapyWhen determining why we have lost our libido we must rule out that it is due to physical or organic problems. That is, many times it may be due to some type of illness or as a result of the consumption of certain drugs.

In addition to this, we can also find psychological factors. Many times due to the fear of not measuring up in the sexual area, we avoid sex. As well as being dominated by the fear of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease. Or that there is a possible pregnancy. Also certain beliefs, prejudices or taboos can make us avoid enjoying sex by seeing something dirty and impure and decreasing our libido.

It can also happen to us that under the tensions of everyday life, we experience some stress and anxiety. When this happens it is not surprising that our sex life is affected. When there are communication problems with our partner and we do not treat our sexual problems, the libido can also be affected.

Going into the monotony and sexual routine is a dangerous thing that can make our intimate relationships a bit boring, generating sexual inhibition.


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