Keys to take care of the short nails of the fee

Women and men maintain special care with their hands and nails, however, sometimes they neglect the feet, a very important region of the body.

Keys to take care of the short nails of the feet

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the feet deserve the same attention as the hands, since they are the support of the body. Especially care must be taken with the nails, which deserve a unique treatment.

Some keys that are worth keeping in mind to care for the toenails throughout the year are the following:

1. Toenails short or long? Before any care or special treatment, we must take into account that professionals recommend having short toenails, as this facilitates their hygiene. Washing the feet and drying them well will prevent fungi from appearing, and giving them a timely hydration will beautify that area. 

Keep in mind, first, that the cut of the nails should be straight, that way you can avoid ingrown toenails and other discomforts of this type. It can help a lot to shape them by moderately filing them. 

Learn to cut them with a nail clipper and not with scissors, that way you will favor a precise cut.

2. Go to an aesthetic center. Some people prefer to take care of their nails at home, however, others go to an aesthetic center where they provide the appropriate treatment. When you go to an aesthetic center, try to choose one that has all the necessary conditions so that you can receive the treatment that your nails merit.

3. Always fixed.   The short nails remain beautiful if you frequently perform a pedicure, if you are one of those who do not use the services of an aesthetic center, do it at home. A homemade pedicure is simple to do, you simply need to have the proper tools nearby. Remember to exfoliate the feet to remove dead skin and keep the moisturizer present at all times, as the feet tend to dry out . 

4. Beware of shoes . There may be thousands of bacteria in the nails, which is why it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene and also to use a shoe that does not mistreat them, especially if we talk about short nails. Try not to wear shoes that fit tightly and hit the nails, do not wear those that can be one or two sizes larger than yours, you need to wear the shoes that really suits you.

5. Be careful if you run and do exercises . When you spend a lot of time walking or doing sports your nails can suffer, no matter how short you have them. This can be avoided if you wear appropriate shoes, it is common to see some people running or walking with a casual style shoe that does not necessarily fit any sports training. This type of behavior can break and even cause the loss of the nails, because we can hit our feet and thus cause their detachment.

Wearing short nails helps you maintain hygiene in a fundamental area of ​​the body in our day to day. The nails of the feet must be, in addition to beautiful, healthy, so that at all times you can feel sure of yourself.

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