I do not want my partner

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I do not want my partner.

When we have been with our partner for a long time, we do not live the same passion as at the beginning. That is, many times we enter the routine, sexual monotony, we have children, we reach an age, we live stress or worries, some disease or certain medications etc. Where our sexual life may be altered and we feel that I no longer want my partner. The more we leave our sexuality in the background, the more difficult it is for us to recover intimate and pleasurable relationships.

Lack of desire is a sexual problem that really exists and that affects many couples and happens more than we think.


Many times when we refer to sexual desire we only focus on genital sex. The truth is that there are many ways to live our sexuality. Therefore, we may think that I do not want my partner because we do not perform intercourse. However, within our sexuality there are no established norms. Stroking, hugging, kissing etc. It is already a type of sexual relationship.

We may think that the relationship is over because I do not want my partner. However, there are couples who are happy without practicing sexual acts. For this to happen, there must be affection and intimacy, but it is very likely that the relationship will not work.

In general, it’s not about not wanting to. It can happen that we feel stable in our relationship, we are very close, we share a common project and there is love but we do not want to have sex. It is usually a member of the couple who does not have much interest, being more common in women.

In the same line there are many couples that when the relationship is established and have been together for a long time, they feel in love but do not practice sex. That is to say, in the same way that we can wish without loving we can love without wishing. The truth is that sexuality is very important in the couple. For that reason, when there really is love with desire, we can experience a totally full relationship.




There are many factors or causes that can affect our sexual appetite and the important thing is to find out the origin.


I do not want my partner, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, couple therapy, sexual therapy, sexual coaching When I do not want my partner and generates conflicts in the relationship, the main thing is dialogue and seeking help from a specialist. The truth is that many times we pretend that our desire and the desire to hold sexual acts appear from nowhere. But reawakening our sexual interest is a job. There are many ways to rekindle the sexual flame and stimulate it.

The main thing is to recognize it and together with our partner to be able to speak it. Recover sexual desire and stop feeling that I do not want my partner is possible, but we should want to recover it. When there is still some kind of sexual contact and intimacy, it is not the end of love and we can recover our sexuality and desire again.

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