Forgiving an infidelity: How is sexuality affected?

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Forgiving an infidelity is one of the most complicated things that can arise in a relationship . In fact, one of the biggest reasons for breakup in any relationship, is that one of the members has been unfaithful. Often in the sexual domain. Even so, not all couples come to separate. Some try to move forward for various reasons such as family, economic, social, etc.

Infidelity is one of the first causes of divorce and couple’s therapy.



forgive an infidelity, infidelity, betrayal, jealousy, breakup of couple, couples therapy madrid, couple therapy, sexologist madrid, sexologists madridWhen we live an infidelity and we do not know if we forgive, we usually live a lot of anxiety and sadness. That is, fidelity is a commitment that couples make and when it breaks we feel a lot of pain. In the same line, in addition to this, re-trusting our partner is usually hard work. No wonder that after forgiving an infidelity, it is hard to return affection and affection to our partner. When we live a love deception we can feel a lot of bitterness towards the other member of the relationship. Likewise, our self-esteem may be diminished. Also, feel a lot of guilt because “we have not been enough” in sexual life. Therefore, having sex again will not be an easy path.

Although we feel that we have forgiven infidelity, we may not be able to have sex or become a challenge.

We can never trust our partner again if we are not able to forgive an infidelity.


In any couple that may exist a reconciliation and a full sexual life, after an infidelity, there must be a process of forgiveness and forgiveness. We must bear in mind that forgiveness does not mean forgetting. Therefore, sometimes we do not see ourselves able to stop remembering what happened and continue with the relationship.

On the other hand, many times we can get forgiveness and overcome this crisis and our sexuality. Therefore, if you want to give them an opportunity, the most important thing would be to ask for therapeutic help or couples therapy. Together with a sexologist you can learn different techniques or ways to get closer and live your intimacy again.

forgive an infidelity, infidelity, betrayal, jealousy, breakup of couple, couples therapy madrid, couple therapy, sexologist madrid, sexologists madridForgiving an infidelity, starting over from scratch and enjoying your sexual relationships again is possible. For this it is important that both members want to continue with the relationship. There are many couples who have managed to solve the problem and return to feel hope and love in the relationship. They have even improved their relationship by getting stronger and increasing satisfaction in their sexual relationships. For the relationship to work, reconciliation must be done in a healthy way by both. It will be fundamental to consider a project and a common future again.

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