Fetishism: “It excites me to touch my partner’s feet” … Is it a disorder?

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The fetishism may or may not a disorder. Everything will depend on whether it generates some discomfort in the person and does not limit their sexual, social, work or couple life. According to our expert sexologist , women’s underwear and feet are some of the most frequent fetishes.

But … What is fetishism ?

The fetishism is the presence of fantasies, desires and sexual behaviors that lead to intense sexual arousal by the recurrent use of certain inanimate objects. It can also imply a great specific interest for certain non-genital body parts.

What are the most frequent fetishes?

These inanimate objects that are used to get excited are the so-called fetishes. The most frequent fetishes are women’s underwear , shoes , leather clothing and other clothing.

The erotic parts of the body that are associated with fetishism are the feet, toes and hair.

In some cases the fetishist uses a combination of inanimate objects and body parts. For example, there is a type of fetishist who gets so excited with his feet as with soiled socks. There are hundreds of examples like this, although usually they are not always the most frequent.

Sex toys like vibrators, which are specifically designed to give sexual pleasure, are not considered fetishes.

Is fetishism a disorder ?

According to our team of Health Unlocked , fetishism is only a disorder when fantasies, sexual desires or sexual behavior cause a discomfort in the person. It is also considered a paraphilia when it affects in some negative way in different areas of your life. For example, if it interferes with your social life, work or your relationship.

Our  specialist sexologist  explains that we all have the ability to eroticize some objects or parts of the body. This is only a problem that must be addressed if it affects the person psychologically. Or if it interferes in other areas of your life. It is also considered a disorder when the person only gets excited and reach the climax only with the use of fetishes.

What problems cause fetishism?

According to our sexologists , fetishism can affect the sexual life of the couple and cause great discomfort. This happens when the object or part of the fetish body is unacceptable by the other member of the couple.

Some fetishists prefer solo sex with the fetish objective even if they have a partner they want. There are different levels of severity of the disorder. In the most severe cases, the fetishist may have difficulty becoming aroused and reaching orgasm without the use of the fetish.

Can the fetish disorder be cured?

sexologist can help fetishes do not limit sexual life and do not adversely affect the relationship.

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