Erectile dysfunction What are its causes?

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Erectile dysfunction Why is it produced? Something that we must take into account when it comes to being able to suffer an erectile dysfunction is age. In fact, in most cases it is accompanied by physical illness or injuries. Also as a result of some medications, causing an unwanted side effect in the erection.

erectile dysfunction, sexologist madrid, madrid sexologists, madrid sexual therapy, erectile dysfunction treatmentThat the blood necessary to produce an erection does not reach or is insufficient in the penis, is usually the most frequent cause in erectile dysfunction .   Among the organic causes we find those that are anatomical, urological, vascular etc. It has been shown that one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is suffering from diabetes. On the other hand we also find neurological causes, such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.

Another cause is trauma, where there is a greater appearance when performing surgeries in the pelvic area. As well as to a lesser extent, to be able to suffer problems in the hormonal imbalance. We must also mention the possible consequences for the consumption of certain substances such as alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.

To lead a sedentary life, to suffer obesity or to maintain harmful habits, can seriously harm our sexual response.

We also have to highlight the psychological causes where there are no physical alterations.  When we suffer from anxiety, depression, stress or are dominated by our worries, symptoms of impotence may appear. All this not only affects our sexual activity, but also our relationship and our self-esteem. Being able to generate guilt, insecurity, fear of failure etc.


erectile dysfunction, sexologist madrid, madrid sexologists, madrid sexual therapy, erectile dysfunction treatmentWhether the origin is physical or psychological, it has a solution . The main thing when we suffer from erectile dysfunction is to ask for help and not wait for a miracle to happen. For many men it is a delicate subject and they consider it taboo. The main thing to start the treatment is to find the cause. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that can cause negative consequences in the life of the person, both in their health and in their family, social, work and couple.

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