Dress as a woman, my secret hobby.

Being a man and wanting to dress as a woman is usually something more common than we think.

Although it is still a taboo subject, there are many men who like to cross dress.

In fact, it is something that also happens in heterosexual men, of all social classes and in all professions. Most men who practice it are married, in pairs or have children.


Dressing as a woman does not mean I have doubts about my sexuality or sexual identity.

Generally, when heterosexual men like to dress as women, they seek the need to express their femininity. That is, that part of their personality that they have more hidden and do not dare to show. However, sooner or later they need to bring it to light. In fact, many men do not remember why they did it for the first time. They also describe this fantasy or fetish as a way to feel complete.

It’s not just about that need to express your femininity. It is also a space where we can be ourselves and put aside our concerns. That is, when I like to dress as a woman, I also get a feeling of peace and tranquility.


 The biggest problem with repressing this feminine part is the great frustration it generates. Many men spend years hiding that they like to dress as women.

Sometimes they do what is called the round-trip phenomenon in the genre. That is, they leave home being men, they become women and they come back again being men. As it is not surprising, given the prejudices and what they will say, there are many men who are afraid to show themselves. As a consequence, they take it privately and intimately, thus generating great negative emotions.

dress up as a woman, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, male sexuality, depression, anxiety, shame, prideIt can happen to us, that our partner does not understand or get angry. If this happens, we most likely feel guilty, sad, frustrated, anxious, stressed or ashamed. On the other hand, you may understand that it is a necessity. There are families and couples who wear this fetish with complete naturalness even in their social and professional life.

We must take into account if I like to dress as a woman, that it is not about defining if I feel more like a man or a woman. Many men live with the guilt of thinking that they are not the husband that they should or expected my partner or society. For all this, if you overcome the shame or fear to tell, together with a professional you can give solution.

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