Do you feel lack of sexual desire and is affecting the relationship?

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You have experienced a lack of sexual desire and do not know who to talk to? … It happens to more people than we imagine and can affect the relationship. We consider that we have an inhibited sexual desire when we feel dissatisfied with our sexual desire and this generates an accused discomfort or interpersonal relationship difficulties. There is no established frequency of sexual relationships that we can consider normal, since there is a lot of variability. If you feel dissatisfied with your sexual desire or that of your partner you can consult a sexologist to perform a sexual coaching that will help stimulate the desire and enjoy more of your sexual relationships.

The variability in the level of sexual desire of people is very wide, making it very difficult to define what would be the “normal” levels in quantitative terms. With so much variability, the most important discriminative value is whether the person (or their partner) feels dissatisfied with their level of appetite, that is, if they experience a lack of sexual desire .

The functioning of the sexual appetite is similar to other “appetites”, such as hunger and sleep, which represent the most instinctive part of the human being. This means that biology influences the degree, intensity and frequency with which we have such appetites. However, this tendency is modifiable through practice and training.

The lack of sexual desire is affecting the relationship. What to do to avoid it?

The blockage of sexual interest can have multiple causes. If you have been dissatisfied with your sexual desire or that of your partner, you can consult a sexologist. Performing sexual coaching will help you identify the causes of your inhibited sexual desire and provide you with practical tools to stimulate sexual desire. In sexual coaching is trying to overcome lethargy or inertia with an “erotic training” that aims to stoke the appetite, exposing to various stimuli of sensual / sexual origin.

It is usual that if you have been without sexual desire for a while you have started to avoid any situation that may trigger a sexual encounter (a caress, a kiss, etc). This avoidance strategy contributes to the problem being maintained, so that “the less sex you practice, the less sexual desire you feel and the less desire you have, the less sex you practice.”

The sexologist will help you to make effective changes in your sexual life, guiding you to overcome laziness, break the avoidance and teaching you strategies to awaken your sexual desire. These improvements will also help you improve your level of satisfaction with sexual relationships and your self-esteem.

47% of women and 15% of men who visit our center have a lack of sexual desire . It is a very common problem for which there are increasingly effective treatments. If it has also happened to you, do not be afraid to comment or consult a specialist because it is who will help you achieve a natural and healthy sexual response without the use of drugs.

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