Aversion or fear of sex What does it consist of?

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The fear of sex or aversion, consists of a strong rejection, persistent and recurrent sexual contact. The person avoids at all costs any intimate relationship with the couple. This alteration causes significant discomfort and hinders couple relationships.

Sexual aversion disorder occurs much more frequently in women. Patients who suffer from it manifest anxiety and fear of sexual situations. You can suffer from always (primary) or acquired (secondary), generalized (with all partners) or situational (with a partner).

In its most extreme form, not only do you not have sexual desire, you can also find sex repulsive and unpleasant.

It may be due to a sexual trauma such as: incest, sexual abuse or rape. It can also be a consequence of a repressive family environment or have started after some first attempts at painful intercourse.

When it is an acquired disorder, after a period of normal functioning, its origin can be in a relationship or a traumatic experience . The aversion can end up generating a phobia.




fear of sex, sex phobia, aversion to sex, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, sex therapy madridThe main thing when we have aversion or sexual phobia, is to assume that there is a problem of fear of sex that does not allow us to enjoy sexual relations.   The main characteristic of the rejection of sex is anxiety, so it is essential to learn to work it.

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