Addictive behaviours towards sex. How to know if you are?

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How to know if you suffer from this problem?

Addictive behaviours towards sex. For a long time it was a taboo subject. Not many decades ago, people who suffered from this problem also suffered the prejudices of the society of that time. From the advances obtained thanks to science it has been possible to conclude that some people have higher sexual desire than others. And that sex addiction is a disease like any other.

Having sex is often not pathological. Experts believe that there are addictive behaviours towards sex when there is a sense of loss of control , discomfort and interferes with the person’s life. 

According to one of our Sexologists, thinking about sex, watching pornographic movies, masturbating and having sex with other people are normal and healthy behaviours.

How to know if I have addictive behaviours towards sex?

Our sexologist explains that in no psychology manual there is a clear criterion about what is the normal frequency of sexual relations. To know if we are addicted to sex it is necessary to understand a series of criteria that are given together. Nor is there a certainty about what would be an excessive or problematic frequency. That is why it is essential to consider a set of symptoms that help detect the problem.

However, there are some criteria to determine if the person has a problem of addictive behaviours towards sex. In any case, it is important to emphasise that the fact of having a high sexual desire or maintaining sex on a frequent basis does not represent an addiction in itself.

If you think you may have a problem with addictive behaviours towards sex try to answer these questions:

  • Do you consider that you spend excessive time on your sexual fantasies, sexual impulses, planning and sexual intercourse?
  • Moods: Do negative states (anxiety, depression, irritability …) frequently lead you to compulsively consume sex to seek relief?
  • Do you have sex frequently in response to stressful life events? (duels, couple breakup, traumatic events, etc.)
  • Do you often make unsuccessful efforts to control or significantly reduce your fantasies, impulses and sexual behaviour?
  • Risks: Do you usually have sex even though it may pose risks of physical or emotional harm to yourself or others?
  • Upset: Does the frequency and / or intensity of your sex life generate a strong discomfort?
  • Does your sex life interfere significantly in your social life, work or in other important areas of your life?

Sex addicts become slaves of sex

It is a problem that many more people suffer from than we imagine. Many times you tend to believe that it relates only to frequency. But it is not about it. What really allows detecting sex addicts if they suffer from this pathology is  the feeling of total loss of control .

According to our sexologist , people with sex addiction can feel pleasure with sex. But on many occasions they do it compulsively in order to seek relief. And then they feel a lot of guilt about it. In many cases it arises by taking refuge in sex to escape from other problems. Or use sex as an escape valve.

What can I do if I have a problem with sex addiction?

Our sexologist  recommends limiting the use of the internet. Because this provides easy and quick access to any type of sexual content. Exposure to this type of sexual stimuli produces an increase in craving (which is what is understood as an irresistible desire to consume).

It is also recommended that you take your time with other activities that can provide physical and emotional well-being. If you think you can suffer from this problem it is important that you consult a  sexologist.  It is the specialist who can help you face and overcome this problem through treatment.

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