Addicted to sex or hypersexuality What are the consequences?

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Sex addicts . It is also known as hypersexuality. If you have sex addiction you feel an exacerbated urge to have sex urgently. The problem becomes worse when the pleasure diminishes, reason why it motivates to increase our sexual activities. Also, every time this tends to think and have more fantasies about sex and maintain intimate relationships. It becomes an obsession that if we do not satisfy it makes us feel a great discomfort.

That is to say, if we do not perform the sexual act, the most probable thing is that we feel negative emotions. We will feel fear, loneliness, sadness and stress for not handling the situation adequately. Everyone when we have sex we look for pleasure. When we talk about sex addiction we may also seek to free ourselves from these negative emotions. Therefore, you are likely to try to control all these thoughts and, when you do not succeed, you feel guilty.

Those who are addicted to sex often keep it hidden and disguise it before others. It is one of the least known dependencies.



When we have hypersexuality we suffer several consequences in all aspects of our life.

One of the consequences when it comes to satisfying sexual desire may be constant masturbation. It is also common to search for sexual encounters with strangers or blind dates. It is also possible to go to brothels, buy pornographic items, call erotic lines or search for websites. Therefore, economic problems can also appear.

Taking into account all this, there may be negative consequences on the health  of our genitals due to excessive sexual activity. As well as sexually transmitted diseases and the appearance of unwanted pregnancies. In patients addicted to sex it is not surprising that the couple is affected and there are ruptures. In addition, there are also labor conflicts and dismissals, as well as social and family problems in the face of these promiscuous behaviors. The whole life of the people revolve around sex, so they neglect participation in other activities. Even in some cases there are legal problems. Causing in general a great suffering in the person.


When it comes to sex addicts, this problem completely dominates thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Only a treatment done by an expert can help overcome this great suffering.

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