Absence of female orgasm

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When we talk about the absence of female orgasm we refer to ” anorgasmia “ . This type of sexual dysfunction occurs under adequate stimulation and a normal excitement phase. That is, in anorgasmia, there is sexual desire and the intimate relationship is well established. It is enjoyed making love, but the woman can not reach orgasm and end the sexual act . Within the sexual difficulties of female orgasm, the absence of this is one of the most common.


All women should experience orgasm when we want, but sometimes this does not happen making us enjoy sex less.



It is not that you have a problem or that your partner has it. You may never have had an orgasm , you may have stopped having it, or you may only achieve it in specific situations. In fact, there are many women who only achieve it through masturbation or direct stimulation in the clitoris. To achieve the female orgasm, there must be a connection between mind and body, as well as with your partner.

In the female orgasm, 95% of the cases of anorgasmia, the cause is emotional and psychological. The remaining 5% are caused by organic cause. Among the organic causes we can find: problems in the vaginal muscles, chronic diseases or of neurological, endocrine or gynecological origin, genetic or age aspects and consumption of substances or drugs.

Many times culture and society can play an important role in the female orgasm. They can also determine the attitude that women have toward sex. Likewise, the education received may generate feelings of guilt or shame for performing the sexual act. Even when we do not have sex education and we are poorly informed, we can develop anorgasmia, which can make sex boring.



Stress, anxiety or depression can also influence our libido and the female orgasm. In addition you may feel frustrated or guilty for self-exacerbating and not getting to the climax of sex. Or you feel pressured by your partner. Therefore, your sexual self-esteem can be affected causing insecurities and fears.

It is very important to know yourself and know how and what we like. Many women find it uncomfortable to tell their partner about their need or even guide them for further stimulation. In the same line, problems of communication and couple can be taken to the sexual field destroying chemistry.

In order to solve the anorgasmia and enjoy the female orgasm, the first step is to know the causes.


There are many ways to enjoy sex. Formerly it was a topic that was not talked about, but nowadays there are fewer and fewer prejudices and people speak more freely and naturally. In the same line, in every couple relationship, sexual enjoyment is paramount to their emotional stability. In fact, many couples do not feel complete if their intimate relationships do not reach orgasm because it is one of the objectives.


If you suffer anorgasmia you are wasting one of the greatest pleasures in life and your sexual relationship.


The absence of the female orgasm affects psychologically in a negative way in every woman, the good thing is that it has a solution. If you feel identified and you think you may have a female orgasm dysfunction, do not hesitate to ask a professional for help and find out what the cause is.

You can receive sexual therapy individually or with your partner, since it plays an important role, and with your support the treatment will be more effective. Your sexuality only depends on you, you can learn to live it and enjoy it fully by improving your intimate relationships or partner.

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