15 mistakes we make when taking care of our hair

15 mistakes we make when taking care of our hair

We have all been willing to do anything to have healthy and shiny hair, and in that attempt we have followed totally erroneous advice, which we will now discard.

  • Cut it so that it grows faster.

This does not accelerate its growth , since the hair grows from the roots, not from the tips. On average, our hair grows 1 centimeter per month, so if you cut it every month, you might even have it shorter.

  • Dry it naturally instead of using a dryer.

If your hair is long and it takes to dry, it is preferable to use the dryer, since water molecules penetrate the hair structure, “washing the keratin”, and thus the fibers are fragile and dry.

  • Have a bad diet.

The body carries everything we eat throughout the body, including hair. So it’s important to consume a lot of protein and zinc, to have beautiful hair .

  • Use oils to eliminate dandruff.

It is believed that the main cause of dandruff is dry scalp, but the truth is exactly the opposite. Dandruff is a symptom of a fatty scalp, therefore, using oils only makes the situation worse.

  • Combing the hair excessively. 

Excessively frequent styling distributes oil from the skin along the hair, and soils it much faster. Although it does not affect the health of the hair, it can produce split and brittle tips.

  • Use products to thicken the hair.

Hair thickness is a genetic trait, so the amount of products we use will not affect it in any way.

  • Wash your hair less often so it becomes less oily.

Like color, ripple, and thickness, the amount of oil released by fat cells is genetically established. So frequent washing does not affect how quickly the hair will get dirty.

  • Start gray hair.

Do not fear, if you pull a hair out, three will not appear in its place, since many hairs can not grow in one’s place. However, do not tear off the gray hair, as you can damage the follicle or produce ingrown hair.

  • Wash it with cold water to make it soft.

The hair is dead tissue, and neither cold nor hot water can affect the condition of the cuticle.

  • Use products to repair split ends.

This promise of commercials is false. Effectively, you can close the ends by treatments, but it is only temporary, and the most efficient thing is to break out from time to time.

  • Use excessive amounts of Shampoo.

The right amount can vary depending on the density or length of the hair, but a spoonful the size of a coin is usually enough. Too much foam can dry the scalp.

  • Do not moisturize.

The hair is like a plant, and it needs a dose of hydration. Notice that your comb cream says “Deep hydration”. If your hair is oily, do not hydrate it more than once a week, since you can produce dandruff.

  • Shake the hair with a towel.

The ideal is to dry gently, from the root to the tips. Rubbing it vigorously will only create friz. 

  • Abuse of plates and other devices.

The iron, hair dryer and curling iron make hair beautiful, but they also mistreat it a lot. Try to use a thermal protection cream before using any of these devices.

  • Sleep with your hair loose.

If your hair is long, it is convenient to make braids before sleeping, so in the morning you will avoid the friz. 

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