Sex and age Are they related?

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Many times as we get older and we add years, the issue of sex becomes taboo. That is to say, with aging we repress in most cases our sexuality and our sexual desires. But the truth is that sex is about something that is always present, throughout our lives.

Maintaining a sexual life in our youth or adulthood helps and benefits to continue living sex satisfactorily as the biological age advances.


sex and age, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, sex therapy madridAs we get older it is no wonder that different experiments change in our body. Therefore, it is also true that with age, sex can be affected. Likewise, our sexual desire is often diminished when we lose our partner.

How does age affect sex? It is not surprising that as men get older they find it more difficult to have an erection or live ejaculation, both being slower. On the other hand, the woman also suffers changes in her vagina and usually has more lubrication problems. That is, they begin to experience more pains in intercourse that make it impossible for them to reach orgasm.

In addition, if we have a certain age and suffer from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, etc., our sexuality may be hindered. All hormonal or metabolic changes will affect the erection and our libido. Also, the consumption of different medications affect our sexual potential and our desire.

We must also not forget the psychological field. Since when we experience worry, stress, loneliness etc. As we get older, it can also influence our desire to have sex. Also, when we are older, we may experience more physical fatigue and fatigue that results in not performing the sexual act so often. Even nerves or insecurities about our body, our performance or how our partner can react.

You can counteract the effects of age on your sexuality. Not all sexual problems can be attributed to age. Contact a professional and find out why you are going through this.

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