Obesity and sex How do they relate?

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Obesity and sex In general, we all know that having several kilos of more, can be responsible for respiratory problems, heart or diabetes.

But how does obesity affect our sex? 

Currently the issue of obesity is something worrisome, but it gets worse when it is also the cause that we can not live with an appropriate sex. That is, it has been shown that overweight is not only placed before our intimate relationships but also our sexual satisfaction.

Research indicates that people with obesity have 25 times more problems in sex than people within the range of a healthy weight.


Being overweight negatively affects many areas of our life, including sexuality. Also, in both men and women, it can happen that the production of testosterone, the hormone regulate our sexual appetite. Therefore, it is most likely that there is a decrease in our libido.

When we have obesity can incapacitate us when making certain positions in sex, making our sex life something routine or boring.

obesity and sex, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, sexology madrid, obesityOn the other hand, when men suffer from a circulation or cardiac problem, blood flow is affected. In the same line, the appearance and maintenance of erections will be affected. In other words, they may suffer from erectile dysfunction. These circulation problems are also experienced by overweight women. Therefore, the blood flow to the clitoris may not reach, thus decreasing sexual pleasure.

In addition to this, being women we can generate polycystic ovaries. Or on the other side, being male, sperm much slower and of low quality. Therefore, if our idea of ​​having sex is to seek pregnancy, our chances diminish.

No wonder that on a psychological level we may also be affected . Not only because on a physical level we can feel frustration, but also because our self-esteem can also be affected. That is, we may not feel safe with ourselves. Even the fear of being observed or rejected dominates us. Therefore we can get to experience dismorphobia.

Many couples who suffer from obesity get to completely avoid sex.


It has been shown that people who suffer from obesity and have achieved a healthier weight, improve sex with their partner. That is, if you think that overweight is not letting you enjoy your intimate relationships, asking for help you can give solution. The main thing is to make a physical diagnosis and work together with an endocrinologist and a sexologist who can help you. For all this, if you think you are not enjoying your sexuality we advise you three things:

  • Start doing some exercise.
  • Make a balanced diet together with a specialist, to achieve a healthy weight.
  • Ask for help from a sexologist where we can work on our self-esteem in sex. In addition to other problems that may have arisen as: sexual impotence or low sexual desire

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