Myths about premature ejaculation

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The premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunctions most common , affecting about 30%. A large percentage does not go to the specialist believing that they do not need treatment. In addition to being guided by some myths and not all are true.

Let’s clarify some of the most heard myths about premature ejaculation:

“Ejaculation is something that can not be controlled”:

The ejaculation is something controllable. Yes, there is a point of no return where ejaculation is immediate. Having a conscious perception of the sensations that lead to a reflex is a prerequisite for learning voluntary control.

“An excess of masturbation causes premature ejaculation”:

It is one of the most recurrent myths about premature ejaculation, which is completely false. Yes, there is a possible relationship with self-stimulation and the speed with which it is ejaculated, during the sexual learning stage, masturbating quickly so as not to be ” caught “, teaching the body to respond immediately; therefore, we would try to solve this problem and change this inappropriate habit.

“Alcohol or drugs are resources to stop premature ejaculation”:

Many people consider that to contain and delay premature ejaculation can be a valid option to consume certain drugs or alcohol. What really happens, when these substances are consumed, in the long term can develop other sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, low sexual desire, …).

“Premature ejaculation causes infertility” :

There is no existing relationship or scientific evidence in that statement. However, if because of premature ejaculation there are few sexual relationships, there will also be fewer opportunities to conceive.

” Premature ejaculation can not be cured”:

The majority of cases that suffer from premature ejaculation, is due to psychological causes. On rare occasions it is due to medical illness. Stress, lack of rest, poor diet, hormonal factors are some of the causes. All must be taken into account to start solving the problem. In premature ejaculation, man is unable to exert a voluntary control over his ejaculatory reflex, with the result that once he is aroused he reaches orgasm very quickly. In addition to the discomfort of being suffering from premature ejaculation can cause anxiety. From each to future relationships, it can cause the body to react again prematurely ejaculating. An adequate treatment program is effective to treat such dysfunction and reduce the discomfort and anxiety generated.

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