Most frequent sexual problems in men and women

Sexual problems, common in both men and women. Enjoying good health extends, beyond the psychological and physical, to the sexual domain. However, there are people who can not fully enjoy their sexuality. This is because they suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction that prevents them from having healthy and pleasurable sex.

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Sexual problems interfere in our life in general. These affect our relationship of couple, self-esteem, health and quality of life in general.



Among the most frequent female sexual dysfunctions or problems are vaginismus, anorgasmia and lack of sexual desire.

  • Vaginismus: 

    When we suffer from this type of sexual disorder, intercourse is experienced with great pain or penetration is impossible. A spasm of the muscles of the vagina occurs involuntarily and automatically. Many of the causes are usually psychic. Women who suffer from it can enjoy sexual games, oral sex, etc. Also, they can reach orgasm through sexual behaviors that do not include penetration.

  • Female anorgasmia:

    It is one of the most frequent female sexual dysfunctions.  The anorgasmia is the inability or difficulty of some women to reach orgasm. All this even though there is sexual desire and adequate stimulation and excitement is received. It is related to anxiety, depression, myths or prejudices about sexuality. Also with learned attitudes and religious beliefs.

  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (TDSH):

    It is one of the most common reasons for consultation in our sexology center. It is a marked decrease in sexual desire.  This usually generates a lot of anxiety and great discomfort. It is not caused by physical, biological or substance or drug use.

By contrast, the most common sexual problems among men are the following: premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction:

  • Premature ejaculation:

    It is the most frequent sexual disorder in the male sex.  When we suffer from premature ejaculation, we do not manage to voluntarily control the desired moment to ejaculate. In the most serious cases, we ejaculate before penetration or right after it. We can say that it occurs before both members want it, causing serious problems in their sexual relationship.

  • Erectile dysfunction:

     Persistent and recurrent inability to achieve an erection after sexual stimulation.  It is also one of the most common disorders in men. Usually this problem has a physical cause, such as illness, injury or side effects of certain drugs.

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