Female Masturbation!!

It is understood by Masturbation , “the stimulation of the genital organs in order to obtain sexual pleasure, being able or not to reach orgasm”.

Seen that way, it seems feasible to think that it is a common practice among women of the 21st century. Women with less prejudices and taboos. Daring when it comes to defending their sexual rights, from equality.

masturbation, sexologist madrid, sexologists madrid, sex therapy madridHowever, until recently, female sexual pleasure was practically “sin”. Even today, we suffer the “hangover” of a social inheritance, where the enjoyment of women on a sexual level, had no place.

Currently, there are still few women who admit to wanting to masturbate and even less, those who recognize doing so. Although the years have evolved towards the sexual freedom of women , they still feel a certain distrust and prejudice towards the need for this sexual practice. Some women will masturbate and come to acknowledge. However, most have not yet rid themselves of the stigma of masturbation . Most grow up with the idea that masturbation can have an impact on low quality sexual relationships. And even in a resentment of the ability to feel pleasure.

Between 70 and 82% of women masturbate to orgasm at some time in their life. Many begin after 20 years, or when they have already done intercourse. It is possible that some women never masturbate.


The masturbation has several functions. But it is necessary for this, that we put aside the prejudices.

One of the most important is the self-knowledge of the body itself, and the ways of feeling pleasure. We learn to value our own eroticism. An unequivocal way to reach pleasure from the intimacy and sexual need of each woman . Pleasant sensations that inform us of our preferences. Only by knowing the unexplored corners of our body and the way we approach them, we discover our sexuality. We learn to value our genitals and enjoy our own excitement or orgasms. In this sense, an independence and sexual confidence is generated which places us in the best position to consciously choose our next sexual relationship, doing it from desire, and not from desperation or sexual frustration.


One of the aspects with which we work more in sexual therapy, is precisely this. The masturbation is one of the practices that are promoted in patients in the treatment of inhibited sexual desire and anorgasmia as long as allows the woman to get much information from her body, their preferences and their ability to achieve pleasure sexual. Information that in the majority of the occasions, they do not know.

This “mission of self-exploration” is not only focused on the search for pleasure with oneself, but also as a basis for knowing what satisfies us, in order to communicate it and transfer it to the couple. This fact is key, since it will benefit the couple’s sexual relationship. If both partners assume individual responsibility for meeting their own sexual needs occasionally, and enjoy masturbation as one more option, both will have a broader sexual repertoire. And is that many times wrongly, we assume that our sexual partner, and guess what pleases us more. That is not true, since each person has a sexual response that is their own. The Sexual Communication, is the key to obtaining good sexual health as a couple, avoiding frustrations and discomforts.

And not only this, stress that the sexual act for women, depends a lot on the preliminaries that are the set of sexual practices from which you will obtain the necessary resources to reach pleasure satisfactorily. The masturbation is one of them.

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