Asexuality!! Can you be in love if you are asexual?

They are asexual those people who do not feel any kind of sexual attraction towards any other person. It is important to differentiate that this lack of interest in sex does not mean fear or aversion for the latter.

Although some researchers are still debating whether it is a type of sexual orientation, it is actually a different way of understanding, living and engaging in romantic relationships.

What is asexuality?

When we speak of asexuality , we refer to not wanting or being sexually attracted to other people. That is, there is little or no interest in sexual activities or relationships with other people.  


Asexuality does not mean celibacy or sexual abstinence. That is, it is not something that we have chosen and it has nothing to do with our beliefs, personal or religious ideas. Nor is it a consequence of something we have experienced in childhood or in the past.

In the same line, it does not imply fear or aversion to sex. Therefore, asexuality is just a lack of interest and  motivation to have sex.


When we speak of asexuality, we refer to a disinterest in sex that is lived in a lasting way. And that can be compared with any other disinterest we may have for other things in life. 


Asexuality Does being asexual imply not having a partner?

The answer is no. In fact, feeling asexual does not mean that we can not fall in love. Likewise, we may not feel like practicing sex. But we may want to spend our life with another person, even have the illusion of having children. That is, there is no sexual attraction, but there can be romantic attraction in which it is possible to enjoy company, demonstrations of affection, kisses and hugs, etc.

It is important to mention that  asexual people do not reject sex. Even many times they perform sexual acts to please their partner, out of curiosity, etc. but without feeling attraction or desire. In the same line, they are able to develop excitement and experience orgasms. Therefore, even if you are not attracted to others, you may experience masturbation or the natural stimuli of the sexual instinct.

The most frequent attitudes towards sex in an asexual person are: total disinterest, lack of motivation or sexual attraction towards other people. But this does not imply that there is a pathology, there is simply no interest. As can happen with anything else, there are people who feel full when they do sports and others who simply nothing attracts them to any sport, do not experience any desire to practice it and therefore manifest a lack of motivation with anything related to sport. 

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