10 home remedies you should know

10 home remedies you should know

Solve your brittle nails, dark circles, blemishes and more with things you sure have at home.

Home remedies often teleport to a moment with our grandmothers or a sleepover with friends.

What is certain is that many products that we have at home can have a double function.
We have compiled a list of the ten best home remedies that you will surely have at home:
1. Brittle nails? Smell them with vegetable oil
If you like to do your manicure constantly, surely you have brittle nails. If you notice that your nails are peeling or breaking the best solution is to use them with vegetable oil that serves as a moisturizer and cuticle oil.

Also know the exfoliant of olive oil and salt, here.
2. Dry cough? Eat two pieces of dark chocolate a day
There is nothing more jarto than dealing with an irritating cough. The solution is to eat two pieces of dark chocolate a day. Besides being delicious, it is very effective.
3. Insomnia? Eat a handful of cherries
Cherries contain melatonin, the chemical in our brain that helps us sleep and controls our biological clock. They can also help you with headaches.

4. Do you have a pimple? Reduce it with a mint mask
Peppermint has an anti-inflammatory effect against acne. Simply crush the mint leaves, add a little water to obtain a paste. Then you should apply it directly on the shin for five minutes.
Tip : if you refrigerate the leaves it will be even more effective.
Ideally, keep mint plants in your home. Not only will they serve as a cosmetic treatment but also decorate your spaces. Look here some proposals for decorations with plants that you can make yourself.

5. Dark circles? Eliminate them with parsley
Vitamin C, chlorophyll and vitamin K in parsley can help clear the skin and reduce swelling under the eyes.
For best benefits, make a homemade mask under the eye with fresh parsley and probiotic yogurt. Combine both ingredients in a blender or food processor until they make a paste, and apply under the eyes for 10-20 minutes.
Nature has everything your skin needs . Meet these homemade masks for every need of the foot l. You will love it!

Test the mask and dismiss dark circles and makeup. However there are things that we can not eliminate with a simple home remedy such as double chin, look here as you can hide it.
6. Dry skin or dark spots? Rub a little lemon.
Rub a little lemon juice in those areas and leave for a few minutes, then rinse and moisturize with a natural moisturizer such as coconut oil. It is a safe and effective way to clear up any discoloration. If your elbows or knees are dry, this is also your solution.
And speaking of coconut oil, did you know what is best for the hair and to remove make-up?

7. Fever? Put on some wet stockings
To help eliminate a fever from a common cold, simply put on a pair of wet, cold socks while you rest. Cold socks will cause the blood vessels in your feet to constrict as your feet cool, which sends good nutrients to your organs and tissues. These nutrients will help your body fight infections and stimulate healing.
8. Do you have fires? Feed them with a tea bag
Fires can be very annoying and painful. The (used) bags of black tea and chamomile tea can reduce inflammation and help soothe and heal.
Tea can also be your best ally for eternal youth and to lose weight.

9. Do you feel dizzy from any movement? Eat mint gum or drink mint tea.
If you are traveling by car, boat or plane, it is best to have gum or mints on hand . Better yet, smearing a little peppermint essential oil under your wrists eliminates any kind of dizziness.

10. Do you want whiter teeth? Eat an apple
Have you ever felt mega-clean teeth after eating an apple? If yes, you did not imagine it. Apples can really give your mouth a mild cleansing due to its slightly acidic nature. They are the ideal food for the cleaning and shine of the teeth and also help to freshen the breath and remove plaque.

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